Top 5 Business Universities in Europe for 2015

published Jun 29, 2015
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Universities in the UK, Spain and France occupied the top.       Top 5 business universities

The new school year is coming in September and there is no doubt that finding the right university can give you a flying start in your career path. Of course, having the educational degree does not guarantee that you will be extremely successful, but it is a good start. Every year thousands of freshly graduated teenagers compete for spots in the best universities.

It is a fact that the business sector is recruiting a lot from the top educational institutions. But, which are the best business universities in Europe? Every year Financial Times lists the top universities and 2015 is not an exception. So lets check which are the top business educational institutions in Europe.

London Business School (UK). The absolute winner. When it comes to business, LBS is considered to be the best choice. Even more, it was ranked number 2 in the Global ranking just behind Harvard Business School.

IESE Business School, University of Navarra (Spain). IESE is now one of the top universities for management and business education not only in Europe, but in the whole World. “IESE’s alumni are an international community of more than 40,000 business and nonprofit professionals and entrepreneurs spanning over 100 countries.”

IE Business School (Spain). IE is located in the heart of Madrid and it is home for students from over 90 countries. Currently, IE graduates are holding management positions in more than 100 countries around the globe.

University of Cambridge, Judge Business School (UK). Undoubtedly, one of the most famous universities worldwide. There is a lot to say about this educational institution, but it is enough just to point that over 90% of the business master students receive job offers within 3 months after their graduation.

HEC Paris (France). HEC is not just a university. It is history and prestige. Founded back in 1881, the university rapidly became an incubator for future business leaders and managers. Furthermore, HEC keeps close relations with the business world, including companies such as Reno, Porsche, L’Oreal and more. This is makes it an attractive place for every future student who wants to break through in the business world.

These are the top five business universities in Europe according to the Financial Times. However there are many others which are on top level and whose graduates are also very successful. At the end the most important thing is the desire to evolve.