Delivery Drones are the Future

published Aug 14, 2015
1 min read

Drones bring business advantages and economic benefits.


Lately drones have been more and more common, but it has only been since the past two years that companies have started to realize the positive impacts that drones could bring to their industries.

Many companies have already tried to launch their deliveries by drones but it is not so easy because of the legislations. Concerning the UK, companies such as Bizzby Sky or Amazon already tried to use drones as a business tool but the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and laws do not authorise them to fly over populated areas yet. The questions of security and privacy are stopping the development of drone systems.

According to Amazon, delivery drones could get purchases into customers’ hand in 30 minutes or less, for the items up to 2.25kg. Drones could detect the location of the clients by getting data from their smartphones. On the other hand, customers could track the location of the drone during the delivery.

Worldwide, many stories of companies trying to use drones as a competitive advantage have been disclosed but most of them are still on the trial period. Amazon had been testing its drone system in Canada as the legislation is more relaxed. Swiss and French post offices are both testing delivery drones, not as an everyday revolution but more in case of emergency. Besides this, one year ago DHL was the first one to launch the delivery drones for packages in Europe, Germany.

It is clear that drones are the future as they could bring many business advantages and economic benefits but the safety question is still a major problem. Unfortunately, many accidents are reported every month and drones are also flying over restricted areas. Security teams are still having problems restraining drones from control areas. Yesterday event is one example among many others – prisoners received a small package from a drone in the prison of Mansfield, Ohio. The small package had 7 grams of heroin, 140 grams of tobacco and 57 grams of marijuana, causing a brawl among prisoners over the treasure!