Choosing an Online Printing Company

published Oct 12, 2015
1 min read

Whether you want a small batch of simple gifts, shirts or other novelty products, or you need regular high-volume printing, an online printing company is the right choice.


When looking for a printing company to service your business needs, you must consider factors that go beyond quality, cost and printing speed. You must evaluate the prospects and choose the one that has the potential to turn into your partner and help your business grow.

Buying, leasing or renting a printer is a high-involvement purchase often causing stress for the buyer and not always providing the expected results. Outsourcing the printing activities to a professional partner can save time, unnecessary expenses and frustration from underperformance. That is, given you have found a reliable company that will not slow you down by delaying estimates and samples, or limit your options of approved file types, or even try to scam you with additional charges that you were not informed about.

In order to find the right partner for their business, one must ask the right questions.

Price: It usually depends on the particular project and your specific requirements for the execution and finish. When comparing prices, make sure you consider what value you get for your money. What some companies consider standard add-ons, others charge for (e.g. premium paper, binding, delivery charges).

Minimum quantities: Online companies tend to accommodate higher quantities, so often times they provide good discounts when ordering in bulk. Keep in mind that there might be a minimum quantity on certain items (such as business cards) which is also an indicator of how flexible a given printing company is.

Standard Turnaround Time: Turnaround time is the total amount of time it takes to execute an order from the moment you submit it to the moment you get it in your hands. That is another factor to consider when comparing firms, especially if your work sometimes requires quick execution of promotional materials.

In-house designer: It is useful to know that there is a designer in the printing company, who can consult you and make sure your project is technically free from error. It is especially important if there are no designers on your end, who can translate printer speak.

Here are two online printing companies that we can recommend to anyone seeking fast, reliable and flexible service.

The Local Print Company (Bristol) – Bristol Printing

Based in Bristol, The Local Print Company supply Cheap Printing to Local Businesses across the UK.

Visit the site:

They provide quality checks for all submitted projects, ensuring no errors find their way on the final print. Moreover, they work exclusively online, saving on all expenses connected to running a physical shop, thus delivering a cheaper, excellent quality service. Free delivery and friendly customer service are just a few of the perks adding more bounce for the ounce.

Automedia (Loughborough)

Loughborough’s leading print and e-print specialist

Visit the site:

Automedia has a physical printing shop located in Loughborough, where local customers are more than welcome to drop by and have a chat with their personal account manager about the specific details of the project at hand. On top of that, their online printing services have a nation-wide reach.