You Thought Coffee Was Meant For Drinking – Well, Now You Can Also Wear It

published Oct 28, 2015
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American Eagle innovates with a new Denim collection that has coffee-infused fibers.


Apart from its loved qualities of keeping one awake and being a great breakfast companion, coffee can apparently be incorporated to textiles for more wear and less need of washing. Rumors say that coffee has antibacterial properties what will avoid the need of washing the jeans for several days.

Named Denim X Café and Denim Flex Café, for women and men respectively, this collection will definitely create some debate and curiosity in the market. Will American Eagle succeed with this new collection? For the moment, some celebrities already like it. You can get one item for something like 50 dollars.

What is it all about? Very simple. Instead of using plain fabric to make the jeans, the fabric is infused with a couple of grams of coffee grounds. This does not hope to keep its users awake, but is said to act a sort of protection against dirt. No worries, you won’t smell like coffee. In fact, sportswear brands have been using coffee grounds for a long time to achieve natural insulation in sports clothing.

Helen Kang, senior director at American Eagle, argues on the one hand that coffee grounds absorb odors and are fast-drying, which leads to odor control. On the other hand, he claims that due to their microscopic pores which reflect UV rays, infusing coffee grounds to the fabric can provide the Denim with UV protection.

No matter the result, the company can for sure say that they have a very creative marketing and designer team. In the end, they have managed to match 2 very different but widely popular items: jeans and coffee. Doctors are not positive with the apparel’s antibacterial properties though, and say the jeans need to be washed anyways.