What About a Coffee-Nap? (Infographic)

published Apr 05, 2016
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Have you ever been in the situation where you cannot decide between taking a nap or refilling your mug with coffee? Yes, the same moment when you start thinking of the reasons that made you unable to sleep the night before.

Well we cannot save you from your insomnia, but we have a suggestion to make for the next time you are stuck in a similar dilemma. Have you ever heard about the coffee-nap?

A research made by National Health Service in the UK proved that the best way to revitalise your strength is by drinking a coffee and then follow up with a 20 minute nap. In this way you can regain the maximum amount of power back without loosing your entire evening.

How is that possible? Take a look at the infographic and you will understand.

coffeenap Source: Commercial Coffee Machines Guide