Why Is it Important to Speak Foreign Languages?

published Apr 06, 2016
1 min read

Learn Another Language Now To Boost Your Job and Life Opportunities!


As globalization spreads faster than ever before, the demand for broader competencies in the business world is also booming. Among the recruiting spectrum, some examples of the new “must haves” go further than merely counting the “A`s” from University diplomas. The list includes cultural sensitivity, openness, adaptability, and of course, knowledge of other languages.

Competitive Advantage: Check!

In an increasingly competitive job market, those who are fluent in other languages in addition to their mother tongues will have, without doubt, higher chances to succeed.

Being able to communicate in another language demonstrates that you have some knowledge about a different culture and its rituals; which is essential for communication and negotiations skills. Not to mention that it passes an image of being committed to learning, a trait that makes one more attractive to businesses going global.

Even in local, smaller companies, the ability to speak a second language will set you apart from the pile of declined applicants.

Earn More!

Speaking more than one language does not only add value to your CV, but also to your pocket. Euro London, a recruitment agency, states that knowing a foreign language “can add up to 15% to your wage.”

Healthy & Working Brain


Fluency in foreign languages does not only allow you to have better career prospects, but it also proves to be a valuable asset for your personal experiences and even health. As an example, one study from the University College London has shown that learning a second language “boosts” brain-power in the same way exercise builds muscles.

Numerous researchers have dedicated time to demonstrate the cognitive benefits of learning another language. It has been proven that those who speak one or more languages:

  • Have a developed analytical and interpretative capacities
  • Have a longer attention span
  • Have a better memory
  • Have a reduced risk of age-related declines

And if your brain is working and being stimulated, that is a good sign!

So maybe it is time to start considering learning a new language. It is undeniable that knowledge in foreign languages opens up opportunities and can raise your career prospects to new heights.