How the Internet is Changing the Human Lifestyle

published May 06, 2016
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It is called the “Internet of Things”(IoT), and it is changing many aspects of everyday life, but what does IoT mean exactly? Let’s get more clarity about those more than 5 billion devices currently connected to the internet; which are neither computers nor smartphones and tablets.

1. What is the Internet of Things?

They are alarms that go off earlier in case of traffic, smart shoes that can record speed and distance, and smart homes. Simply put, they are any electronic device which can connect to the internet. IoT is an expression that refers to all types of devices different from computers, and so, any electronic device running software that can send and receive information with the outside world can be part of the Internet of Things.

2. What is Possible to Connect to the Net?

Everything is possible in theory, it just depends on your requirements. If you want to monitor your pet for instance, finding its location and water needs, well, you can get the information required.

3. What is the Goal of the IoT?

Simplifying our lives is the main priority of the connected devices. They are capable of providing us with information that we otherwise would not have. For example, a smart road can communicate with vehicles, traffic lights, and road signs in order to reduce pollution and traffic. More and more, new technologies make our lives easier and the environment benefits from it as well. Crops could be irrigated in a more efficient way than traditional methods, thanks to a network of sensors that are able to know what the plants require at any time; according to factors such as, temperature and weather forecasts. It’s just amazing.

4. Does Using All this Technology Create Any Problems?

Unfortunately, yes it does. One of the main matters is privacy and the use of data. Every kind of device can collect some data and could use it for unethical purposes.

Between 10-12 May, the Internet of Things World 2016 convention will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the most technological valley in the world: Silicon Valley. It will attract experts in the IoT sector from all over the world to discuss new developments.

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