70 Smart Tips to Instantly Boost Your Blog (Infographic)

published Jun 15, 2016
1 min read



Nowadays everyone can start blogging, but only a lucky few manage to do it successfully. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of millions of blogs available on the web, but the majority of internauts know only some of them.

One might well wonder how bloggers drive this high amount of reader traffic to their website. This is why Market Inspector has set up a list of 70 brilliant and helpful tips to help you start or promote a blog. Find out more on the infographic below.

So, what needs work?

1. SEO
There are several key factors that determine sites’ ranking on search results. Updates, links, relevant content, spam level and domain authority are just some of the aspects that should be implemented to boost a page.

2. Attitude
Even behind a computer screen, personal attitude matters. The first feature to effectively handle a blog is to be committed to it. Perseverance, engagement and expertise are keywords when you run a blog.

3. Content
It is important to bear in mind that the content is not only valuable for readers, but also for search browsers. This being said, it is essential to provide original, high-quality and innovative content.

4. Target
Defining an audience for your blog or blog post must be done even before starting writing. Therefore, finding information about what questions people ask and what answers they are looking for can be the first task to accomplish.

5. Layout
Content is crucial, but looks cannot be less. Both the layout of the blog and the article itself affect the final result. So keep the layout clear, use an easy-to-read font and maintain a good balance of images.

6. Network
Spreading the message is the last step. At this point, a blog page on every social media site should be created. People love to share and a blog that doesn’t exist on social media platforms is somehow incomplete.

Now take a look at the infographic and start optimising your blog!