Networking is a Contact Sport Rather Than a Quality

published Jun 24, 2016
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Being the smartest or intelligent doesn’t only count as there should be more qualities that an entrepreneur must possess. Entrepreneurs don’t just pop out of nowhere and start earning millions.

They have to be good at business and should have a clear mindset about what to achieve and how to do it, be able to handle funds and loans effectively and save all their finances adequately while being in college from the start.

But wait, there’s more! A successful entrepreneur must know how to communicate well and be able to effectively execute networking skills when it comes to select investment partners, negotiate a good business deal or abide by the rules or policies from a bank.Networking isn’t just good talking or nice body gestures, it is more of a contact sport where you either excel or be destroyed.

The Important Factors for Networking

1. Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important and crucial factor for networking as it includes ‘a call for action’ to fulfill a promise on your part. Now how well can you negotiate an important deadline to submit your work with a networking partner? All depends upon your networking skills.

It is a give and take process, just as it is in business; you pay for a product or a service. Same goes for networking; you must promise on your behalf and then take the necessary action to fulfil it on time. It all depends on how effectively you can connect with your networking partner and how well does he/she value your commitment.

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2. Commitment

Business or networking partners find it impressive for an entrepreneur if he or she meets on regular basis and let them know about the current progress for any project. Getting to know your business/networking partners comes as an additional skill, how can they be responsive and how can you get them to agree to your terms or conditions. You can easily decipher all their mood swings or behaviors if you get to know them in a more personal way.

3. Knowledge

While going out to meet new people or business partners for investment opportunities, one important factor is to be updated with all the current trends and how well you can analyse any opportunity for the success of your business.

It becomes your job to educate them on the latest happenings about stock market shares. All that comes naturally if you are well equipped with the knowledge you need to impress. While talking about market dynamics, your networking skills becomestronger as everyone see you like a pro and you are no longer treated as an outsider.



4. Recognition

Here, we are addressing networking as a contact sport because it can only go two ways, how well can you communicate and how well your communication is perceived by your business partners. Like in college, we constantly strive and talk to our superiors about selecting the right college for our studies and how well they can pursue us with the facilities, degree programs or the tuition fees.

The whole process goes around the level of engagement and how well you can recognise the other person to make the connection. Remember, in business relationships or networking, it is important to recognise the other person so that he or she may also observe your prominence.

Effective networking is all about building meaningful and successful longtime relationships for the prospect of value and profit, thus it can be achieved if you have these characteristics embedded in yourself.

Happy Networking!


Written by Rachael Everly

Rachael Everly is an undergraduate student who loves to write on the topics related business,finance and education. Follow @Rachael Everly for further updates.