Coffee is More Than Just a Drink

published Aug 22, 2016
1 min read



Coffee once started as red beans discovered by mistake that gave you energy. Later it was discovered that the easiest way to consume it is by grounding the beans and make a hot drink that gives you the same amount of energy as the original beans.

But over time and as people started having more needs and more complex wishes, coffee has become present not only as a drink but also as a base ingredient in other activities. Some may sound new but some are already proven to work.

Everyone nowadays is familiarised with big coffee restaurants and the concept of ‘grabbing’ a coffee on your way to school, work or meeting. There is no need to say that these big businesses have helped the coffee industry to develop to a successful area of activity.

Even though the consume of coffee was part of people’s daily lives, the big names such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee turned it into a trend and helped it become even more needed in our lives. Innovative people have found also many new ways of using coffee.

Coffee Nowadays

Starting with one that everyone already knows about, I will talk about cosmetics. Women are familiarised with caffeine based beauty products. From different face creams to body lotions, from home made products to global brands one, all have discovered the wonders coffee can make.

It has been discovered that it improves blood flow in human body and this is how big companies discovered a new line of products that makes coffee not only drinkable but also ‘wearable’.

Another method of using the coffee that has helped the industry to develop so fast is as an air freshener. Yes, that is a thing! Coffee lovers who cannot have too much of it just by consuming also prefer these room fresheners that release the coffee smell and gives the feeling of fresh and energy.

In connection with the previous paragraph, coffee is also used as an ingredient for candies or sweetmeats, again used for a refreshing smell but this time for people. It has been discovered that coffee can make bad smells disappear and can be successfully used instead of mints.

When we look at gardening also, coffee is being used as a fertiliser for plants. Maybe some will say that coffee is not very good for your health but it contains high amounts of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and other minerals that are very helpful in growing plants.

Its strong smell keeps bugs and animals away that may be tempted to dig into the soil and destroy your attempt of having a beautiful garden.

As a conclusion, coffee industry is no longer only about the dark refreshing drink that maybe some love or hate. It is about taking coffee to whole new levels, some of them still not used on a large scale and others already famous. Coffee is about a lot more than just a drink!