Facebook vs AdBlock Plus Developers

published Sep 09, 2016
1 min read



The world’s leading social media Facebook has now started a war with the AdBlock Plus developers.

It has all begun, when Facebook announced they have come up with a new technique to allow advertisements to pop up on each user’s wall regardless the protection his browser has set up. That means that once Facebook launches this concept, no one will be able to avoid seeing the advertisements on their Facebook page.

On the other hand, AdBlock Plus developers should ensure that this kind of event would never occur and are here to prevent advertisements from appearing on sites once the user has installed their blocking product. Even though, they have been informed in advance and could have been prepared for this, it all worked out well for Facebook site.

Though, it was a success just for three days for the advertisements to be visible for everyone on each Facebook wall when AdBlock Plus came with their response. They found a workaround and showed founders of Facebook that their new software is stronger and so their blocking was functioning again.

But, Facebook did not wait long and found the workaround only in a few hours. AdBlock has not reacted yet but it is sure that it will not take long before the AdBlock Plus team responds and the fight continues.

Why Did It All Start?

It is important to understand that social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are based on getting money from advertisement.

Therefore, Facebook decided to take action, especially after AdBlock had launched new blocking system. This software is even able to recognise and hide the advertisements on videos.

It is very essential for people who just do not want to see any annoying advertisements. And that was probably also the attempt of AdBlock. This however, according to Facebook founders and their announcement, had consequences and affected users who could not see posts from their friends.

Another thing which Facebook has pointed out was the whitelist. Whitelist is a list of companies with sites for which the advertisements are not blocked because they have paid for it. This is what Facebook refuses to do as they find it controversial and do not feel like doing anything illegal or bad.

Therefore the fight has started and it goes on and on. Eventually the only affected will be the users.