Features of The Apple Watch

published Oct 24, 2016
2 min read

It is  no secret that technology has become part of our lives. We learned how to use it, how to embrace it and eventually we have become more or less addicted to it. There is a new feature or a new product launched every day in order to make technology even more customer friendly. In our hands, on our wrists, in our pockets and even in front of our eyes, it is everywhere you look.

One by one, the big players on the technological market introduced smartwatches: the wearables that are meant to make your daily life easier. Apple, Samsung and Huawei are some of the names that made themselves noticed through their wearables, each bringing unique design, features or customisation in order to reach out to the customers.


Case Study: A day with the Apple Watch

As an owner of Apple Watch myself, I am satisfied of its features so far. Maybe it is just me that is a little bit too much into technology, but I will write about how a day with the Apple Watch looks like.

Thanks to the features of the OS, I can start my morning by being woken up by my Alarm set not on my phone, but directly on my watch. The moment I start the day and have my watch nicely set around my wrist, the Activity tracker starts counting my steps, kilometers and calories burned.

While on my way to the train station, my phone starts ringing or I get a text message. Don’t bother taking out my phone. Yes, I can take phone calls on my Apple Watch and yes, I can reply to text messages. My friends just texted me on Messenger or tagged me in an interesting post on Facebook? My watch will take care of informing me when that happens.

Today I decided to try a new route to work. And maybe it was not a good idea considering that I got lost. Good thing I had the Maps that helped me locate myself and find the right way to go. Instead of walking around with my phone and look like I am lost, I can let my wrist guide me.

Meanwhile, as I found the correct way to go, I can listen to my favourite playlist. Headphones on, music on. I discovered that my playlist is not updated and decided to skip one or two songs. Easy as it sounds, woke up my watch by raising my wrist and changed the song. No need to take out my phone.

At work, I do my job and the watch does its job too. If something happens or a new meeting is coming up, I am always informed. It is the nice silent alarm that just vibrates around your wrist and reminds you the plans for the day. Starting recently, the Apple Watch lets me unlock my computer by simply unlocking the watch. Saving time on typing passwords!

At the end of the day, the Activity tracker shows me how active I was today. And while relaxing, I can simply use my watch as a remote to navigate through my TV and choose what I want to watch or listen to next. As it did its job perfectly, I connect it to the charger and let the Night Mode light up the screen.


Disadvantages of the Apple Watch

There are also some functions that users are not very excited about. But on the bright side, these can be turned off or set up as you wish. The watch does not give you the possibility to reply on Messenger or other applications and you are also not able to launch apps like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

You still need your phone to see the actual posts or tag. One more down part about it is that it needs to be charged every day as it runs out of battery quite fast. It is also a good idea to keep it away from water or dust as it is neither water nor dust proofed.

There are a lot more things the Apple Watch can do (from simply checking the time and date to looking through your photos and MobilePay when you do your groceries) and the new update also brought new watch faces and features like creating your own watch face, an interactive dock for applications and a SOS mode for emergencies.

The two models of Apple Watch are available and ready to be worn. Alongside other brands, the Apple Watches can be easily found in all technology stores with a variety of wristbands and colours.