The One Stop Designer Shop – CROWDYHOUSE

published Oct 17, 2016
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Are you a fan of designer products? Do you find it difficult to look for designer products all in one place? All your wishes can be fulfilled at Crowdyhouse. They are an online marketplace where you can find products made from designers and you can buy directly from them.

With this one stop service you don’t have to go around hunting for designer products anymore. Not only does Crowdyhouse provide its customers with numerous choices, but they also enables designers to sell their creations directly to the customer, thereby earning a better profit. Crowdyhouse helps designers create many more designs by providing them with a platform to display and sell their products.

We have conducted an interview with the co-founder of Crowdyhouse, Mark Studholme, to get a better understanding about this creative company. Read below what Mark had to say about Crowdyhouse.

Q. Back in 2013, could you and Suzan imagine that CrowdyHouse would be a workplace for almost 20 employees in the beginning of 2016?

A. We are now a team of 15 employees working in our office in Amsterdam. This has grown from just 2 employees – Suzan and myself. We are very lucky to have a great team around us. We are also careful when recruiting and make sure every new team member is a good fit for the team. We aim to review 100 candidates when we hire for one role.

Q. What’s your thoughts on why CrowdyHouse has had such a successful development?

A. There are other marketplaces for independent sellers and craftsman such as Etsy. But there was not a marketplace for professional designers and makers. We have targeted a group of designers and makers that sell normally through shops but not online. We have provided a solution that allows them to sell all over the world and earn a good profit on every sale. In addition to this we have built some unique defendable technology very quickly. This helps us sell more for the designers but also scale efficiently.

Q. What is the biggest market for CrowdyHouse as of today?

A. The Benelux region is currently our strongest market. Then the UK and then France. We expect China and America to be our two biggest markets in the future.

Q. CrowdyHouse will have an offline event in De Hallen this upcoming weekend. Can you tell me a bit what the main goal is with this event?

A. We held the event earlier this year to promote our designers offline. It also allowed us to test how running an offline market contributes to our online sales and activities. It was a great success. The pop up market itself made a profit and we have seen many after sales online from visitors to the event and the word of mouth promotions it created.We used a new technology that allowed us to connect our POS to our ecommerce system which allowed us to effectively manage the payments and sales.

Q. Are CrowdyHouse planning any other offline events outside of the Netherlands in the near future?

A. Yes. Next year we would like to host pop up markets in Amsterdam, Paris and London. Our strongest markets.