3rd Global Track Maintenance and Asset Management Congress 2017

published Nov 16, 2016
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The Only Global Conference On Track Maintenance & Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Returns To Berlin

With cost reduction and asset optimisation at the top of this year’s agenda, as well as spotlights on condition-based maintenance and applications of digital technology, the 3rd Global Track Maintenance and Asset Management Congress 2017 returns to Berlin, Germany, this January 24th and 25th, 2017 to tackle every infrastructure manager and director’s most pressing questions:


  • How can trackside operations be improved through technology and innovative process to reduce cost and manpower on the line?
  • How can technology be harnessed to achieve data-driven planning to streamline maintenance regimes & manage degrade?
  • How are others using technology to optimise asset management & cross-team communication to drive efficiency gains across the track maintenance supply chain?


Below you can find exlusive interviews with key experts in the field:

Paul Barnes, Senior Project Manager Asset Management, Network Rail

Ivan Tzanev, Design & Maintenance Engineer, Athens Urban Rail Transport

Featuring industry-leading experts from SNCF, Transport for London, SBB CFF FFS, Network Rail, CrossRail, Bandedanmark, Ministry of Transportation & Communications, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and more, this is the only event that unlocks the practical and strategic learning to help you get to the heart of how to reduce maintenance cost and improve track availability.

For more information, visit – http://www.rail-track-maintenance.com/