3 Best Inspiring Stories for Every Entrepreneur

published Jun 13, 2017
1 min read

Becoming an entrepreneur and maintaining a successful position on the market is not that easy as it seems. It requires time, motivation and a lot of ambition, but the effort worth it because at the end you gain self-fulfillment and recognition from the society.

But, have you ever asked yourself how the actual entrepreneurs managed to get through all difficulties and to what risks they were exposed so that today you could see them on top of the most famous billboards.

Here we gathered 3 stories that each entrepreneur of a start up business can become inspired of.


At the beginning, the Play-Doh substance was not designed for children as many of you may think. The idea came from a small company called Kutol who decided to use this product as a wallpaper cleaning substance.

The main reason of such innovation was to clean the rooms. At that time, coal was the most practical way to heat the house, but after it burns, ashes and dust remains so, people were looking for easy ways to clean the houses. With time the need for coal dissapeared and the company wanted another source to generate money.

The solution came unexpectedly. The owner’s sister-in-law was preparing for the Christmas Eve and she needed to make some ornaments so, she found the wallpaper cleaner, which was easy to shape and play with.

In this way, Kutol picked up some detergents, scents and glitters and mixed them with wallpaper. Play-Doh was created to entertain kids and improve their creativity.

Innocent Juices and Smoothies

Innocent brand was launched by two friends who wanted to earn some extra money. They went to a music festival and start selling it to the people. They put a sign in front of the table by asking customers if selling juice is destined for them and they should quit their jobs.

If this was a good idea, then people could throw empty containers in one bin and if not, another bin was placed. When the festival ended, the public opinion was surprisingly positive. The next day the two friends quit their jobs.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is known as a protective packing material, which is fun to pop. However, the founders had a different initial idea. They produced a new textured wallpaper made of two shower curtains.

The idea did not work as supposed to, therefore, during a flight they decided to pack their stuff in that wrap as a protection.

Go for it!

As you can see genius ideas can pop up accidentally so, don’t give up and start creating whenever you feel that. Who knows maybe you will be the next Steve Jobs.