4 Improvements Making Country’s Cities Smarter

published Sep 08, 2017
1 min read

Technology is now at the centre of plans to improve cities across the country. Using the latest technology, city officials can begin to improve traffic safety, limit our commutes, and lessen crime throughout our local communities. This infographic by StoragePipe Solutions highlights four changes that are helping make our cities smarter.

1. Sensors to Highlight Parking Spots

30% of congestion is caused by people driving around looking for a space to park their car. The latest sensor technology is now being used to highlight available parking spots across local and worldwide cities. Soon, you will be able to get alerts on your phone or onboard computer detailing the available spaces within your driving area. The technology is already being used to great effect in busy cities such as Barcelona.

2. Video Conferencing Tools in Various Spaces

Business leaders now need quick access to tools that connect them with satellite offices and clients across the globe. Video conferencing technology is bridging the connection gap and is now being installed in hotel conference centres, shopping centres and hospitals to allow for face-to-face discussion.

3. Automatic trash collection from the home

Cities across the globe are also now putting in place plans to install underground pipes that carry city garbage from homes to the waste collection site. It means no more having to put out the garbage every week and no more need for large collection trucks clogging up city roads. The innovation could mean that as few as 7 employees will be required to handle the city’s garbage.

4. Lighting puts spotlight on crime

In England, police and city officials are now working together on street lighting that gets brighter via a sensor which detects the sound of shouting. The sensor will be attached to a live camera that collects information and transmits it to the cloud for crime reporting analysis.

These latest innovations are now helping create safer and more productive cities for residents across the globe. To learn more about the latest smart city innovations, take a look at the below infographic.