5 Reasons Why Every Graduate Needs to Work as an Intern in More Than One Organisation!

published Sep 01, 2017
1 min read

If you are just out of college, chances are that you are already perfecting your resumes to dive right into the job-hunting game. The idea of starting a career with landing the ideal job in your first attempt may seem like an achievable goal. It probably is. However, if you are anything like an average person who hasn’t got it all figured out, you may want to read this before taking up a job or forming your career goals.
Here are five reasons why, we think, every graduate should spend, at least, a year doing the internship with different organisations before committing to one full-time job.

Find more about different job prospects through internship: you may have recently completed an elaborated course module which introduced you to several divisions or subjects in a particular industry. The challenge, now, is to find that one department that you may want to build your career in. To make a more informed decision, it is essential that you have some idea about the jobs that your preferred industry offers. And what could be a better way to learn about different jobs than through internships?

Test your capabilities: when a company hires interns, its main objective is to train them in different departments whilst testing their skills to see if they fit in the office environment. You can use the same approach to evaluate your own capabilities and to see where you fit the best. This will help you set out a long-term career goal for yourself where you have tested the waters to know where you want to see yourself in a few years from now.

Education, but better: if your motivation to enter a course module involved gaining maximum knowledge in a certain field, an internship is the right approach for you once you have gained all the theoretical knowledge. Internships offer more comprehensive and practical understanding of the field that you are interested in and so, it will be a good idea to enrol in a few internships before choosing the final career path for yourself. Your main goal, at this point, should be to gain as much of the practical exposure as possible before making an informed career decision.

A ‘student at job’: when you work as an intern, your status changes from ‘a student’ to ‘a student at a job,’ which gives you enough time to ease into the spectrum of professional commitments. It not only helps you professionally but also supports your personal development. It is always easier to enter different job roles as an intern than making a shift once you have some professional experience under your belt.

Look at the bigger picture: it is important to find a job profile that you would want to gain expertise in, in the long run. It is, thus, advised to test different profiles to see where your passion truly lies before committing to a job. It may seem tempting to accept the first job offer that you receive but in the longer run, you will thank yourself for making an informed career decision.

So if you are a recent graduate willing to begin building your career, we say that you spend at least a year interning in different departments or companies before taking your dream job!