How Can Online Order Management and Fulfilment Help Improve Your Business?

published Sep 06, 2017
2 min read

 A very important factor behind any successful e-commerce business is sound order management and fulfilment. With a large number of communication systems available, it is time that the online practices of consumer fulfilment solutions & services are adopted. Read on to understand how.

Better Order Processing 

Traditional warehousing and fulfilment operations need an employee who would physically locate a product and process its packaging and shipment. Fulfilment technology involves automation of the order processing and management of incoming orders from some central point. This process results in efficient fulfilment operations.


Negative reviews and revenue loss have to be avoided at all costs and therefore, the partnership with a product & ecommerce fulfilment logistics provider is very important. Accuracy is very important for someone who is spending time and money on a certain product. It is very beneficial for any ecommerce enterprise to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in orders for the sake of reputation.


Accuracy in order fulfilment management depends totally on the visibility of the proper inventory levels in real time. Maintaining accurate online order fulfilment relies heavily on your ability to keep a track on the inventory levels. A 3PL partner should have tools that enable you to have an updated, real-time view of product inventory and warehouse levels.

Save Time

You can save the time spent on pick and pack fulfilment services and utilize it in other activities of your business. Placing orders over the phone is very time-consuming. When we inculcate an online ordering system into the wholesale business, the sales team gets to spend extra time on sales and far lesser time in administrative activities.

Reduce Human Error

Since an ecommerce business has orders coming from a variety of channels such as online order placement, phone etc., and one can possibly get confused and make mistakes. The online ordering assembly provides the wholesale clients with direct access to information on your existing stocks at your fulfilment & retail distribution centres.


A good ordering system delivers more than just an electronic invoice. Transparency is the most important trust factor across the board in the ecommerce businesses. Therefore, it is a good idea to maintain transparency in your business relationships by sharing information with parties you deal with at various points in the supply chain.

Unique Client Experience

A very endearing factor of client relations is personalisation. A unique client experience conveys the message that a business partner is putting some efforts to develop a relationship and is not indulging in just a short-term contract. This ensures more business coming your way.

The retail world is marked by intense competition. A streamlined order fulfilment mechanism can help your organization to live up to the needs and expectations of the customers.