Gaming Internationally: Connecting to China

published Apr 09, 2018
1 min read

Gaming as a Business

Many hobbies and activities that are popular ways for people to spend their free time can also make a huge impact on the business world, becoming remarkable industries in and of themselves. Think of football; the game brings several different situations to mind, from a young boy kicking a ball around in the back garden with his dad, through one of those dads making a little extra cash running the local football team, all the way to the multi-billion dollar industry that hosts enormous events and tournaments, is broadcast on TV across the globe and often occupies the headlines of leading newspapers. Like many industries in our current digital age, sport is creeping into the online world. This has brought about the rise of gaming, with eSports as well as many other types of games now hosting international competitions, often with remarkable prize funds. Gaming no longer refers simply to teenage boys staying up too late in their bedrooms, it is now a large-scale, worldwide industry turning over in excess of 1 billion dollars annually.

Gaming Competitions

Gaming is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, with the development of games taking place in various locations throughout the world and a great many competitions being hosted internationally, often seeing large stadiums filled with spectators. China has its fair share in the industry, with Chinese company Tencent being the world’s largest gaming company. Whilst remarkably sized events do occur across the globe, many gamers and gaming fans travel to China to participate in World Cyber Arena.  

Power to Succeed

As with any large industry, organisations in the gaming sector need to demonstrate their cutting edge in order to compete on the world stage. This requires not only the hosting of notable events and developing complex and innovative software and products, but also the technology and capability to connect globally, since one of the highlights of the gaming industry is the interaction it brings about between different nations. Without a shadow of a doubt, secure and reliable internet connections are fundamental to this, so ensuring this is in place is vital for any individual or business hoping to enter the world of gaming.

Stabilising your Gaming Experience

One way of guaranteeing that your connection to the gaming world is secure could be to use a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN essentially allows a private network to be extended across a public network, offering the security of a private network as well as the scope of a public one. For those in the gaming industry connecting internationally, this could be a positive solution. For example, to extend your industry network between the UK and China, a VPN for China could be extremely useful.

There is no denying that the already huge gaming industry is set to grow even further in the coming years and involve even more international interaction. Putting secure and capable network connections in place is essential to allow for this growth and to see this industry flourish.