Avoid Overlooking the Lump Sum Payment in the Field of Debt Settlement

published Dec 14, 2018
3 min read

Lump Sum Budget

It is not hard to state that debt settlement is currently becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative to the field of bankruptcy as most of the increasing consumers can find them struggling for keeping up with the minimum type of credit card payments.

It is hard to come across any shortage of advertisements, which might be screaming how easy it might be to eliminate debt through the art of debt settlement. One of the major draws in this regard has to be the ability to settle your debts without borrowing any form of extra money or not even impacting the present monetary flow you are paying for.

All you have to do is just divert the monthly payments to one settlement account, and you might be one under debt free notion for sure. There are very few talks in the market associated with using lump sum payments for increasing the current likelihood of success.

Focusing on the Companies

Most of the current debt settlement firms out there in the market have structured the program for the people so that they can save money in the current settlement account. Here, the course is of 36 to 60 months. The goal over here is mainly to save roughly around 50% of the present outstanding balances, which are minus the debt settlement company’s fees over that period. You can no longer just make payments directly to the said creditors now. Before you finally head for the debt settlement reviews, make sure to ask experts for the same to know what they have to tell in this regard.

Right on the surface, and without even the present debt settlement firm going directly into the details, this whole prospect might sound a bit attractive in nature. An example might help you sort out the option pretty well for you. In case you ever owe $25k in the present credit card debt when you have a current minimum monthly payment going as high as $500, you can quickly get the chance to reduce the monthly fee to somewhat around $300. Then you can always expect to just settle in the period of 42 months at about $.50 on the present dollar.

More about the Sense

The point mentioned above might make this deal seem quite attractive, but the reality might not be in that case. There are some significant considerations, which this above analysis might lack.

  • While you just do not make any payments to creditors any longer, your balances might get the chance to increase right from original amounts, mainly because of the late fees. It is also associated with interest charges and penalties to name a few. Then the settlement amount over here might represent over 50% of the present original amount.
  • Moreover, you have chances when the creditors will wait so long for receiving payments just before exploring the current legal options. The longer it might take you to just a negotiated settlement, the more likely it is going to be for you to just face any potential lawsuit over here.

You have to be sure of these two points before you can finalise on the current option you want. There are actually two for you to follow and ensure that the analysis does not lack any significant considerations.

Get to Increase Success with Lump Sum Budget

You have the right to dramatically improve the likelihood of just completing the present debt settlement procedure only if you are able to shorten the current time period. You can do that by accessing a more substantial sum of money right at the beginning of the procedure for your use.

Ways to Generate Cash

There are some of the significant sources of money, which is available to you and which you have not considered. If you want, you might have some access to loans or can have an asset. You can try tapping at those possibilities just for settling a debt.

  • For the first step, you can work by selling something. It can be anything like a motorcycle, boat or even a car that you might not need to use anymore.
  • If you want, you can further borrow some bucks from family or friends or any from the retirement account. You have to consider the harsh consequences of not able to repay the debt, and something might happen. You can often consult with a financial advisor or tax helper before doing anything with the retirement account. It helps in understanding the long-term impact of any such action to take place.

The more money you can actually raise right now and always at the beginning of the procedure, the quicker you will get the chance actually to save some of the important funds. These necessary funds are mostly in need of settling the unwanted debts you are dealing with right now.

There are so many creditors available in the market right now, and all of them are working just with you for settling and going through the procedure of present debt settlement actions. But, not all cases are going to take the same time as you have asked for.

But if the facts make a more extended period of time to work, then they might get less patient with time. So, the chances are high that if they see that you are not paying them money for a more extended period of time, they might actually call the cops or take some legal actions against you. So you have to stay prepared for that as well.

Time to Know More

There is no second option for you to overlook the hefty payment in the current field of debt settlement. You have to repay it now or later, but you have to. There is no escape from it. So, it is always advisable to refund the amount as soon as possible, so that you don’t give any time to add on some extra payments in this regard. Things will definitely turn to work out in your favour for sure.