Going Global: Using Translation Services as Part of Your Global Marketing Strategy

published Dec 06, 2018
1 min read

Translation Services

You may have mastered your domestic marketing strategy and have reached a point where you feel your business’ potential is limited. Why not go global?

Developing a global marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult these days, with an abundance of business advice and guidance out there.

However, English is no longer the absolute language of choice. If you want to form solid working relationships with international clients and competitors, you will need to stop using the language barrier as an excuse. Sloppy or inaccurate translations when attempting to reach out to new international prospects can have detrimental effects on your business’ success. Making sure your business uses correct translations should not be the last resort, especially not in today’s day and age.

There are professional translation services out there for you to benefit from. For example, Intrawelt provide a range of high-quality translation and interpretation services for individuals or businesses. So if you are considering adopting a new global marketing strategy but need help with translating documents or even conversations, you know where to go. You can use professional services like Intrawelt to make sure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste or end up selling something completely different.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone try to pretend they have knowledge of a language when they really don’t… and you could end up getting yourself into some tricky situations. So, take our advice, leave it to the professionals!

Incorporating translation services into your global marketing strategy is important, however, you will need to come up with the content first. Once you have a solid digital marketing plan that you have checked, checked again, and checked again, then start thinking about obtaining accurate translations.

International Marketing

Using professionals means that once your content is ready, there is essentially a weight lifted off your shoulders. You can trust professional linguists to make sure that your global marketing strategy is translated to the absolute highest quality and leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Unfortunately, in this world, people tend to remember the big mistakes that people make, rather than our triumphs. There are some very famous examples of times when companies obviously haven’t prioritised investing in translation services when expanding their global marketing strategy.

In the late 1980s, KFC expanded to China and opened their first restaurant in Beijing. However, their famous slogan ‘finger-lickin good’ had been incorrectly translated to ‘eat your fingers off’… enough said.

Then there’s Ford’s big blooper in Belgium, with their ad campaign containing the message ‘every car has a high-quality body’ translated to ‘every car has a high-quality corpse’. As you can see, translation errors can completely alter the direction you intend your marketing strategy to go in!

There are plenty more examples where that came from, showing how easy it is to forget the importance of translation accuracy. Investing in a high-quality translation service when writing your global marketing strategy is worth every penny.