Tips For Building A Digital Marketing Funnel: How Your Business Can Reach Its Full Potential

published Mar 01, 2019
3 min read

Digital Marketing Funnel Tips

Special Tips and Tricks to Ensure Funnel Success

If you run a business you will have heard of funnel marketing and no doubt attempted to build a funnel of your own. If not, where have you been hiding?

With such an abundance of free and valuable information available to us online about digital marketing methods, business owners really do have no excuse for not having their own online marketing strategy.

In some ways, there is almost (dare we say it) too much information out there, leaving us overwhelmed and unsure about which bits really matter and which tasks to prioritise.

When it comes to creating a digital marketing funnel, you can basically make it as basic or as complex as you wish, depending on your budget and/or how much time you have to invest.

To save you some time trawling through all the funnel marketing guides out there, let’s highlight what could be considered the most valuable tips regarding what to include in every digital marketing funnel. If high conversion rates are what you are aiming for (who isn’t), read on.

1. Your Customers Are Everything

The key to every successful digital marketing funnel is truly understanding the needs and general mentality of your target market. This can sometimes take trial and error before you nail it on the head, but once you have, you will no doubt be unstoppable!

There are a number of ways to try and get to the bottom of who your customers really are. You can look at existing customer data to draw insights into their demographics, such as where your customers are based, their ages, genders and more.

To be able to build a funnel that targets the right people with the right materials that are almost guaranteed to result in conversions, though, you will have to dig a little deeper. You can look into and aim to identify how people tend to land into your funnel, assess patterns of engagement and understand buying (or not buying) behaviour.

If you notice that you are losing a lot of your prospects at a certain stage of your funnel, you can work making certain aspects more simplistic and/or add more value.

Companies like Bigfoot Digital offer range of digital marketing services, including SEO, social media management, content marketing, and even consultancy. They can help to you to devise and implement a digital marketing funnel that suits your niche and budget. Opting for a professional helping hand is a great option if you have limited experience with all things digital!

Digital Marketing Funnel Customer

2. Brand Consistency

This second valuable tip for creating a funnel that converts is to maintain branding consistency throughout. Whether you deem your brand to have an established reputation or you are a relatively new brand on the scene, it is important to stick to an image and persona. If people are left confused about what your brand has to offer and/or your character, they will be less likely to buy into you.

When you are strategising your digital marketing funnel, keep your branding obvious and similar all the way through to reinforce what you are presenting them with. For example, use your brand’s colour scheme, stick to your brand’s usual content type and tone and more, just generally make your funnel recognisable.

3. Map Your Customers’ Journey

This is similar to the first point about understanding who your customer is – you need to understand their path to buying too. By doing so, you can identify areas of the funnel that may be weaker or that are negatively affecting your funnels’ conversion rates.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, literally. Consider their emotional journey and any personal struggles they may face throughout the process from first hearing about your brand to when they eventually buy and what you can do to make the whole funnel as smooth and accessible as possible, whilst still providing value. There is no such thing as knowing too much about your target customer.

As part of this, it is a great idea to identify the platforms and/or channels that would be most effective for targeting and reaching out to potential customers. Are your products/services aimed at other business professionals? LinkedIn is most likely your best bet. Whereas, if you are targeting a younger audience you could focus more heavily on Instagram.

4. Provide Regular Value

This digital marketing funnel trick is another that can be hugely effective in boosting your conversion rates – make sure you are providing customers and potential customers with value on a regular basis.

There is no good sending a prospect a free eBook or resource and leaving it at that, expecting the sales to come rolling in. Unfortunately, more often than not, people will need reminding, and reminding again, and again, before they are aware enough of your brand and product to consider making a purchase.

People are generally always busy these days, so even if you feel like you are throwing your services in prospects’ faces too much, you probably aren’t as the chances are a lot of people won’t acknowledge your information.

To keep your brand in peoples’ sights and to start to form relationships with your audience, you could start a blog, a weekly newsletter, a monthly webinar, or all of the above! The more value that people feel like they are getting from your business, the more they will be willing to invest in you.

Call-to-Action Marketing Funnel

5. Clear Call to Actions

Last but not least of these important digital marketing funnel tips is to make it clear at every stage of your funnel what the desired action is. Your call-to-action should be as clear as day on every page, email, social media mention and more.

If prospects are unsure about what you are asking of them, they won’t take the time to stick around and figure it out. It is therefore important not to make the mistake of over facing people with too much information and/or visuals.