4 Website Costs to Consider When Setting a Budget for Your Business Site

published Dec 02, 2019
1 min read

Website Development

Importance of setting up a website for your business have been extensively talk over for quite some time. Upon understanding its significance and how to go about it, one often ponders over the cost factor which the website development will incur.

Well the website building cost is quiet variable depending upon the following parameters

  1. Size of the website
  2. Static or dynamic website
  3. CMS (Content Management System) utilised
  4. Expected Traffic

If all of the above factors are on the higher scale, then the cost of building your website will be comparatively high. You also have to be mindful of the niche your site is. For example, if your business is a recruitment agency, you have to do it in a recruitment website design way.

To be more specific with the actual cost factors involved in setting up your business site, check out the following:

  1. Purchasing Domain
  2. Cost of Web Hosting
  3. Cost of Website Developer
  4. Cost of incorporating additional themes and plugins

Here is what all this means

1. Purchasing Domain

Your website will be known by its domain name. Those going for a usual available domain like .com, .in, .org or .net will have to pay the nominal amount as required. But there are certain specific domains like .tech or .io which have comparatively higher fees than rest others. Analysing the need and significance of your chosen domain name with respect to your business will be much more beneficial.

2. Cost of Web Hosting

Launching your website over the Internet will require the help of a web hosting provider. A web host will take care of your storage of files, providing appropriate bandwidth, high up-time and backup features too. The question is which one to choose, since there are many of them prevailing in the market. Again, do ponder over your website requirements.

  • What is the traffic estimate
  • How large is your website
  • Your bandwidth requirements
  • Critical up-time.

For the startup or small business website hosting, shared web hosting works quiet well. On the other hand large business organisation driving extensive traffic usually prefer managed, private or VPS hosting. Contact the customer support of such hosting companies for detailed assistance. Not only you can test their services but will get a comprehensive idea about how to proceed.

3. Cost of Website Developer

Those opting for web developers and designers must pay an additional fee for the development of their website. Since they are readily available and face tough competition in the market, you can negotiate on the final amount. Be vigilant to hire an experienced developer, having sound knowledge of their work. Inexperienced and freshers may not give you the desired quality and timely delivery.  Moreover, you’ll require their services for further maintenance of your website, so opt wisely and economically too.

4. Cost of Incorporating Additional Themes and Plugins

Websites developed using the WordPress content management system needs to be improvised and enhanced with additional plugins and themes. Though many of them are inbuilt and free, but to get premium themes and plugins for extra functionality and dedicated support, you need to purchase the paid ones.

These are the 4 major website costs that you need to incur for your online business site. While in the journey of website building, your costs may fluctuate based on many other trivial factors. You may read more about domain names and web hosting services on providers such as SeekAHost.