Benefits of Embedding Feeds from Instagram to Your Website

published Feb 13, 2020
2 min read

Instagram Feed

At present day, social media is becoming a necessity. Most of the people and brands around the world have social media handles. It can be a highly useful marketing tool for your brand or business.

One of the social media platforms is Instagram which caters to over 500 million people daily. This makes Instagram a high potential marketing platform for your brand. Using Instagram for marketing your brand is the perfect solution. Specially hashtags can give your branding a new definition.

All you have to do is create and embed feeds from Instagram to website. This will not only help you with user-engagement but also with creating social proof for your brand or business.

How Does Instagram Hashtag Feed Work?

When people post something on Instagram, it is normally accompanied by a caption and a few hashtags. These hashtags help classify and categorise the content people upload on Instagram. This way content discovery and organisation become easier.

For example, if a girl posts about her fitness journey, she can choose the hashtags #fitness or #fitnessjourney. Now whenever people search for these hashtags, her post will be shown among the search results.

The feed works on the basis of these hashtags, all the posts that used your branded hashtag will be a part of your feed. You can then embed them on your website with the help of embedding tools.

Benefits of Embedding Hashtag Feeds from Instagram to Your Website

You can embed Hashtag Feed from Instagram to website for some amazing results. Some of them are mentioned below:

Increases Dwell Time and Decreases Bounce Rate

Instagram Hashtag Feed proffers your website visitors with an overview of your brand and its products. The feed consists of images and videos that can make your website more lively, attractive and engaging. This will keep the website visitors busy with exploring your website and increase their dwell time.

After exploring your brand website and products and watching the products in action, most users decide to make a purchase of products they like. This way it helps decrease the bounce rate.

Creates User Generated Content (UGC)

Hashtags are changing the way people are searching and posting content. If promoted efficiently, one hashtag has the power to generate UGC in good quantities.

When the users post about brands, they act as brand ambassadors and offer their followers to go ahead and try your products. This creates more brand awareness amongst the people.

Easy Discovery of Content

As I already mentioned earlier that hashtags are used to organise and categorise content according to their themes or significance. For example, a boy posts a picture of him trekking in India. If he uses #trekking, #India or #trekkinginIndia, anyone searching for such hashtags will be able to see his picture.

This makes the process of discovery easier and quicker for the users. When it comes to commercial hashtags, they can help access products and testimonials helping users to know about them.

Encourages Audience Interaction

You can use the feed to display anything you feel like, it can be something emotional or commercial as well. If you go for something personal, you can trigger other users to post something personal too. It will create a sense of involvement amongst the users and boost engagement.

Increases Product Visibility

The function of segregation by hashtags can help your product visibility to increase that too for relevant audiences only. Anybody who is searching for a product that you sell will simply search for it as a hashtag and get results.

For example, if you’re selling bags and one searches for #bags, your post will appear if you have mentioned the given hashtag in the caption.

Leads to Increase in Conversion Rate

People usually go ahead and search for products when they are actually planning on buying them. If someone is searching for your products, and they like them, they will definitely go ahead and buy them.

Embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed on your website and using the correct hashtags can get your wall to be quite attractive and effective. When people look at the product in action, it can clear all doubts about it that will lead to higher conversions.

Promoting Seasonal Posts and Offers or Giveaways

Holidays are a great season for business. Promoting and advertising your products becomes easier through hashtags. You can use popular hashtags such as #seasonaloffers or #holidaysale for better results and higher visibility. Same goes for giveaways, you can use hashtags such as #giveaway or #festivegiveaway for promoting your giveaways.


Instagram is a very valuable and advantageous marketing tool for the growth of a business. By embedding your Instagram feed on your website, you open doors for many new customers. It will help you create user engagement directly from your website and might also get you some new followers.

So post your Instagram feed on your website and start driving new users your way as soon as possible. You should start getting results in no time.