How Your Office’s Appearance Can Affect Your Employees

published Feb 24, 2020
1 min read

Office Interior Design

Businesses are continuously changing, and employees are expected to keep up the pace. While growth is most definitely a positive thing, looking after your employees is key during these potentially stressful periods.

You may be offering a myriad of benefits, such as flexible working and great salaries, but have you thought about how the office environment could be affecting them? We’ve listed some of the ways you can boost office morale and keep your employees happy by changing up their environment, as well as how it can help your business.


A cluttered workspace results in a cluttered mind – which isn’t exactly great for business. An attractive space may not seem like a big deal, but it doesn’t take much to figure out what your employees are far more likely to enjoy being in an airy, clean office other one packed with clutter.

Start by removing anything you don’t need in your day-to-day work, such as old paperwork, unused equipment and general desk clutter. Rather than throwing these items away, keep them safe and secure in a storage unit. This is particularly important for paperwork and records, as you never know when you may need them. By doing this, you have the best of both worlds – a beautifully clean office and instant access to your belongings.


Did you know that plants have the ability to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve air quality? Adding greenery to the office is one of the easiest ways to improve your working environment, especially when you bring in a significant amount. Add them to desks, corners of the room and any additional meeting rooms you have to brighten up the room instantly.

If you’re worried about the upkeep, such as keeping them watered, opt for plants that don’t require a lot of care, such as spider plants, snake plants and pothos. Keep track of when they need to be watered and by who to ensure they aren’t under or overwatered.

Quick fixes

Flickering lights, temperamental computers and dodgy air conditioning is not only an unpleasant sight for clients but a distraction for employees. You’d be surprised by how a few quick fixes can boost office morale and create a professional environment. Have a chat with your team and find out if there is anything bothering them that can be fixed so they feel involved. This ensures they’re kept in the loop and proves you’re working to improve the working environment.

Recreational Activities

After a few hours of hard work, you should let your employees take a break and do something fun by setting up some recreational activities. Whether you set up a ping-pong table indoors or a basketball hoop outside, the team will be able to let off some steam before getting back to work. Plus, team building activities are sure to improve the relationships between employees who may not typically interact with each other while improving their stress levels.

By bringing these tips into your office, you’re sure to have a boost in employee morale. Not only does this improve retention rates and improve the mood of your team, but also come across as more modern to visitors.