Improving the Efficiency of Your Contractors

published Apr 22, 2020
1 min read


No matter what industry you happen to be working in, you need to ensure that your contractors are always going to be working to the highest efficiency. Giving them all the productivity tools they need is crucial as it can ensure that all tasks will be handled properly and to the best of your contractors’ abilities. Here are some of the key ways you can improve their efficiency.

Invest in Specialist Software

There is a type of software to meet any need nowadays. No matter how niche you think your market might be, there is going to be some sort of software or even an open-source solution you could adapt for your own needs.

Let’s take the example of an electrical contractor. Electrical estimating software such as Ensign’s software for contractors is a tool that is designed to make estimation management much easier. It can be used to generate reports as needed and could be a key component in effectively managing a project.

Contractors usually have to deal with multiple projects at once, all at different stages and varying needs. The right specialist software can eliminate some of the time spent organising these projects and ensuring that they are always up to date, allowing a contractor to focus on other areas.

Remove Distractions

Whether they are in the office or the field, you need to ensure that contractors are not too distracted while working. This will allow them to complete their jobs in a much more productive and efficient manner.

A key way to do this for field workers is to provide them with phones for when they are on jobs. This removes the temptation of apps they might have on their personal phone, in addition to messages from friends that could distract them.

Minimise Trivial Tasks

In business, there are so many trivial tasks that need to be taken care of, yet they can massively eat into a day. While some of these are a must, such as risk assessment forms, there are others that you may be able to cut out of your contractors’ days. This will allow them to instead focus on the tasks that actually need their attention, without getting caught up in too much bureaucracy.

Take a look at some of the processes you currently have in place. There are most likely some you can cut out to make your contractor’s days easier to manage. Restructuring in this way will allow more time to be devoted to actual tasks, instead of these smaller ones which might have very little impact on the business overall.

These are just three ways you could look into improving your contractors’ abilities. Whether you are implementing something from above or working with your employees on a one-to-one basis, this should be an ongoing process you are always looking to improve. With so many ways to distract ourselves in this modern world, it is important that we always find ways to keep our attention where it needs to be.