Returning To Work After The Lockdown? How To Avoid The Crowd On Your Commute

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Avoid Crowds on Your Commute

The Coronavirus pandemic has shuttered a wide range of businesses, organisations, warehouses, factories and offices.

Embracing remote working has been a challenge for many employees and organisations, and as such, with the world slowly reopening, you may be faced with the prospect of going back to your workplace in the near future.

While shops and offices are slowly starting to reopen, social distancing measures are still being advised to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from this potentially devastating virus.

For anyone who commutes on public transport, staying two-metres or more away from another person is impossible. You’re often crammed into a small space with a lot of strangers, which can make you suspectable to various illnesses, including the Coronavirus. As such, it might be a challenge to travel on public transport safely.

If you’re exploring alternative ways to commute to work in the future, then read on to find a selection of innovative ideas.

Electric Scooters And Segways

Segways and electric scooters are the future of commuting; they make it easy for you to get where you need to be quickly and easily. They are also safe to ride on roads and, in some countries, on pedestrian walkways too. One popular model is the Ninebot MAX G30D Kickscooter which has a long-range charge and can travel at speeds of up to 15.5 mph, making it an ideal and innovative way to get to work and stay away from other people.

An Electric Bike

If you feel uncomfortable balancing on an electric scooter or Segway but don’t want to go to the effort of cycling, then an electric bike might be the perfect compromise. There are a variety of electric bikes on the market that can give your peddling power a boost and make your commute less hassle and more isolated.

Carpooling With Someone You Know

If you can find someone you share an office with, or someone you know who lives locally drives in the same direction as you are travelling, then consider asking them for a lift into work. You will still be near another person, but only one, and you’ll know who they are so there won’t be any worry about their hygiene habits. You can also make sure that you wipe down your seat before you sit in it, and generally keep the car tidy so that it is as safe as possible.


It probably sounds obvious, but walking to work is a great alternative to taking public transport, provided that your workplace isn’t too far from your home. Walking offers a range of benefits and can help you to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Being healthy and having a strong immune system is crucial to avoiding the virus and keeping yourself in good condition, so walking to work every day could benefit you in more ways than one.


For those who want to get some exercise in the mornings, but find walking boring, skate or longboarding is an exhilarating alternative. You can usually skateboard on the roads if they’re not too busy, or use the pavement or cycle lanes to keep yourself safe and really enjoy your commute. It’ll also make a unique conversation starter when you get to work. Just make sure that you carry spare clothes with you to change into, so that you’re not too dirty and smelly when you get to the office.

When you’re going back to work, you need to make sure that you stay safe. Use this article to find a creative way to get to work and keep yourself healthy and happy.