Four Interesting Types of Investment You Might Not Have Considered

published Nov 02, 2020
2 min read

Payment Methods and Cryptocurrencies
There are many different ways of investing, and it is possible that you have been overlooking a few of the most interesting methods that are worth taking into account. Could one of the following types of investment make sense in your situation?

Cryptocurrencies Offer Lots of Volatility

This form of digital money has been around longer than you might think. Bitcoin can be traced back to a groundbreaking idea in 2008 by the secretive person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The breathless news stories about rising prices and market crashes mean that Bitcoin remains something that the majority of people haven’t yet given a try. This is possibly due to fears that its famously high level of volatility could cause losses. However, we should remember that this same issue is what gives it the potential for high returns too.

There are other types of digital money to consider apart from Bitcoin. The likes of Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum are some of the main altcoins you could potentially invest in. It is a fast-moving market so the best idea is to check out the latest news and then carry out a technical analysis on the currency that most interests you.

Commodities Are Affected by Different Factors

You might be surprised to discover how many commodities you can invest in. Apart from gold and oil, you could also look at the likes of rice, sugar, and wheat. They offer a clever way of diversifying an investment portfolio and trying to take advantage of different economic situations across the world.

The price of most commodities comes down largely to supply and demand, with issues such as bad weather and trade wars playing a part in the price changes. Staying up to date with all of the relevant issues and being able to confidently predict what might happen next is key in this sector.

Perhaps the easiest way to invest in commodities is by joining a commodity fund or index fund. This lets investors put the decisions into the hands of an expert, while still investing directly in the commodity.

Art & Memorabilia Can Be Wise Purchases

If you have a particular skill or interest, then you should look at using it to help you to invest more wisely. A good example is when someone is skilled at spotting quality art pieces or interesting memorabilia and uses this as a way of making money.

Travelling to fairs and auctions is one approach that you might like to try in your hunt for pieces that are worth buying. Finding bargains isn’t an easy task, but if you are confident in your knowledge then you should be able to make some wise choices.

This type of investment doesn’t need as much initial cash as you might think, it is possible to start by buying smaller, less expensive items. You can then look to invest in costlier pieces with the potential for larger profits.

The Forex Market Is Huge

The foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market on Earth, which is why it is surprising that some investors do not consider it. The basic aim is to predict which currency is likely to rise against another, meaning that you can invest in that pair to try and make a profit.

You can get started by going online to compare forex brokers, where understanding elements such as the minimum spread, maximum leverage, customer support ratings, and bonuses will all help you to decide which one to use. It is also important to see that they are properly regulated by the likes of FCA or ASIC.

National currencies like dollars and pounds tend to be relatively stable, but by using a large amount of leverage it is possible to try and earn larger profits on even modest price swings in this market.

These interesting types of investments are well worth exploring if you are looking for new ways to try and grow your cash. They all require some degree of effort and research on your part, but there is also the potential for large profits if successful.