How To Go About Investing in the iGaming Industry?

published Jan 11, 2021
2 min read


The iGaming industry has experienced significant changes over the years. It has proved more worthy than the other competitors who are in the same industry in Poland.

The decisions to shift gambling operations from offline to online has come in handy. Countries like Poland have a reception of the idea, especially with the ongoing crisis that caged the world.
In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of investing in online casinos. Therefore, we will link up with our expert Jacek Michalski who is well conversant with casino investments and general information regarding the gaming industry.

What is iGaming?

iGaming is transferring land-based casinos and game parlours to a digital form of gaming via the internet. It has brought a massive revolution, which might be the future of online gaming. It thus means that gamblers can place bets online and win real money.

Gamers face limitations because of some of the measures to curb the spread of the virus. However, with technology, the industry has provided better solutions through smartphones and other smart devices, which has enabled them to play from their comfort.

Several online gambling companies get established in different countries like Poland because of the industry’s continued growth. Continue reading to find out more through the interesting information unveiled here.

How one can Invest in Casinos?

Since you can now tell what is igaming, then we can explore how to invest in casinos in Poland. No game does define its rules and regulations right from the genesis of playing. Before you begin to play a match, you should know everything that pertains to it, who you are playing against, and probably have a plan for winning the game.

You are on the right track if you’re asking yourself how one can invest in casinos. The purpose of investing is to build up wealth and get financial security. Below are some of the ways you can invest in an online casino.

Find out about the segment with the most players

Investing in Casinos is a layman’s language, which implies buying casino stocks. Casino stocks are leading companies that provide betting, casino gaming, and lottery utilities in Poland.
The betting segment is rising fast and is attracting new players, making it a perfect spot for investment.

Figure out how they make money

Casinos make money by utilizing the handle. It’s an essential aspect of gaming operations. It’s the summation value Polish players place on bets. Chances are, they walk out as winners or losers.
The amount lost by players from Poland is what the casinos pocket. After understanding that, you will know whether it’s worth it for you to invest or not.

Take time and know the industry’s Jargons

The industry jargons are simply the basic things you need to know if you want to invest in casinos in Poland. A simple evaluation of ZetCasino shows you the different terminologies used in the iGaming sector. Below are examples of the terminologies:

    • Wagers
    • Gross Win
    • Net gaming revenue
    • Cost per acquisition
    • The average revenue per use

Therefore, before investing in the online casino, make sure you understand the key terms to know what you are investing in. The majority of people make the mistake of investing in what they don’t know.

What are the best Industries to invest in?

iGaming offers many opportunities for those willing to invest. Here are some niches you can consider exploring if you have been asking what industries to invest in.

Online casino stocks

These are the gold mines you can’t afford to miss. They are publicly available for investors to purchase shares. They include Ladbrokes, Stars Group, Leo Vegas, and more.

Game Provider stocks

You can invest in online gaming stocks through some of the companies that license games to casinos. You can do that by buying shares with them.

Gaming ETFs

You don’t have to concentrate on one thing alone. Diversify in the industry and experience growth within a short interval.
Finally, other good industries to invest in include: Malta, United Kingdom, Gibraltar.
Investing in the iGaming industry shouldn’t be a confusing decision for you anymore. If you are in Poland, you can consider getting into online gambling. That is because it has fantastic investment opportunities both in the present and in the future.