5 Aspects of Security That Business Owners Overlook

published Jul 15, 2021
2 min read

Aspects of Business Security

Owning and operating a business can be a rewarding endeavor. That said, there’s a lot that goes into it. Business owners are often juggling multiple tasks, from staff management to finances.  With all their responsibilities, some things may slip through the cracks, like security.

Maintaining security is essential for keeping employees and customers safe. With that in mind, here are some security aspects business owners sometimes overlook. 

1. Securing all Entrances 

Remembering to lock the main entrance each night may be an automatic step. To keep buildings safe from intruders, business owners need to secure all doorways. This includes side entrances and emergency exits. 

Smart locks are a more convenient option. They allow business owners to lock and unlock the building from their phones. The device also eliminates the common issue of losing keys. Installers can fit the latch over an existing deadbolt or a brand new one. 

Here are some smart lock features business owners should look out for:

  • Built-in video cameras
  • Intercom system
  • Emergency siren
  • Anti-theft capabilities
  • An emergency button

2.  Installing Video Cameras

Entrepreneurs should install security cameras on all their exterior doors. If an incident were to occur, then there is video evidence. Also, during an investigation, video cameras can help the police identify the suspect. Business owners might also want to install cameras inside the building. 

Here are some of the other benefits of video surveillance to consider:

  • It provides security 
  • It reduces workplace crime  
  • It helps prevent workplace violence and harassment
  • It promotes a productive work culture

3. Adding an Access Control System 

The system allows business owners to decide who has entry to certain areas of the property. Employees can enter specific rooms using specialized credentials, such as a key card. Some systems can even track the movement of employees, visitors, or equipment. 

Here are the main types of access control systems to look into:

  • Discretionary: This type allows managers to customize access based on their needs. It grants entry based on set lists and directories. 
  • Mandatory: Access is restricted based on parameters defined by the software or owner. The model grants entry based on the business owners’ classification level.
  • Role-based: A CEO is granted access based on their position within the organization. It is the most flexible type of system. 

4. Having Security Guards 

Small- to mid-sized businesses tend to overlook the need for security guards. Business owners have to manage multiple tasks at once. They can’t always have an eye on everything that is happening on their property. This is where security guards can play an important role. They can help make your employees and customers feel safe. 

Having guards is particularly good for business selling luxury items or dealing with expensive equipment. They also can be helpful for companies that have busy employees. 

Here are some of the other benefits of security guards:

  • Minimizes loss
  • Resolves security issues
  • Allows you to get help faster
  • Improves your peace of mind
  • Maintains order 

5. Cyber Security

With digital technology becoming more advanced, business owners should stay alert for hackers.  Data breaches are a common concern for many companies. Business owners want to ensure their documents remain in the right hands. 

To improve cybersecurity, founders may want to encrypt their data. A newer technology known as Micro Tokenization can help. Managers might want to also conduct internal stimulation attacks. This can test how a company would react to a real cyber threat. 

Business owners should have automated responses installed to address any issues quickly. Also, keeping up with security trends helps companies be more proactive. 

Here are some other tips for preventing cyberattacks to consider:

  • Train employees on security principals
  • Update computer security software
  • Provide firewall security for your internet connection
  • Make backup copies of important business documents
  • Control physical access to laptops

Keeping Your Building Safe

For business owners, security is an important part of their job. They want to keep their employees feeling safe and comfortable. With all their daily tasks, they can overlook certain security aspects. Consider these safety aspects to help keep your company running smoothly.

Author Bio: Martin Banks is the managing editor at Modded. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates on his work.