Why You Should Use Akasel Diamond Grinding Disc

published Dec 15, 2021
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A diamond grinding disc is a type of disc that consists of abrasive components, and it is used for different kinds of grinding and abrasive machine operations. Akasel is a leading manufacturer of diamond grinding discs, and its products are used for fast plane and fine grinding of various materials. There are two different versions of the products to suit all your needs.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the advantages of using Akasel diamond grinding discs:


A major reason why you should use a Akasel diamond grinding disc is its impressive durability. Though the material may seem quite expensive initially, the long life of the material will save you money in the long run. The material is designed to offer an excellent edge which enables it to maintain its high removal rate for an extended period.

Faster Sample Preparation

If you want to carry out fast sample preparation without sacrificing quality, Akasel’s diamond grinding discs. Hence, you will be able to save time while preparing your samples and move on
to the analysis.

Quality of Finish

One issue that customers complain about when using regular grinding materials is that they tend to lose their abrasive properties after use. If you have been facing this issue, you need to
check out Akasel’s diamond grinding discs. Regardless of the amount of use and abuse, you will be able to reuse the discs without any issue. The discs will deliver the same excellent result
whenever you prepare a sample.


In all businesses, it is always important to keep costs down. If you are interested in cutting down the cost of your metallographic sample preparation, you can’t afford to overlook Akasel’s products. One of the brand’s diamond grinding discs can replace up to 300 pieces of regular grinding paper.