A Retail Business Owner’s Guide To Choosing Shop Fitters

published Feb 07, 2022
2 min read

Shop fitting can make or break the flow and aesthetics of any store. Finding shop fitters that would capture the essence of the business would be one of the reasons to employ their services.

Creating a flowing outlay of a store relies significantly on the correct placement of the shelves and the quality of the installation. Each store stocks different products, and the floor layout of each store is other. For these reasons, the shop fitters would have to ensure that the correct shelving is installed to accommodate the various products most efficiently.

If retail business owners want to find suitable shop fitters for their business, there are some aspects to consider before appointing them:

1. Specialists In The Field

Because each business has individual needs, there are specialist shop fitters that would have the best knowledge of the specific nature of the company.

This is a crucial factor to consider as the type of retail store the owner has would determine the correct installation. Having flat shelves would not do justice to display hanging tools, for example, and a cereal box was not intended to hang on a rack.

When considering a shop fitter, the business owner should enquire about the kind of shelving and shop fitting solutions the installers specialize in to ensure that the best solution is implemented for the business owner.

Specialists in shop fitting like GDP Shopfitting would be an excellent place to start the inquiry process. Companies with years of experience would ensure quality installations for any business owner looking for peace of mind.

2. Wide Range Of Services

Hiring shop fitters that offer a full spectrum of services for the installation would save time and money for the business owner.

Some shop fitters would only focus on the installation and not on planning and design. This could spell out disaster if another company had to be employed for the design and another for installation.

There may be miscommunication between the two contractors, which could cause the business owner an unnecessary headache. Communicating back and forth between two parties could become cumbersome, not to mention costly. Business owners may spend more money employing the two companies and on the telephone bills trying to coordinate between the two.

Giving the whole project to a company that could design, layout, install, and provide aftercare would be the best decision for any business owner.

3. Quality Work, Guaranteed

A quality design and installation would save the business owner a lot of money. Ensuring that the materials are high quality could extend the structure’s lifespan.

Shop fitters that could guarantee their installations would make a happy business owner. Find a shop fitter that would guarantee their work follows the best standards and the result will be spectacular for customers.

Knowing that shop fitting is the last thing they need to worry about, business owners can devote their time to running their business efficiently. They may even have increased sales in the store because of the quality of the shop fitting.

4. Special Attention To Features

The business owner will know that they have found the right shop fitter when the store’s unique features are appropriately done.

Considering the height of the shelves concerning the space, the lighting of the store, and areas where a more specialized installation could be done would be something to look for when meeting with prospective shop fitters.

5. Providing The Best Quote

For most business owners, it all comes down to money. Finding the right shop fitter that would be able to stay within the owner’s budget would be crucial.

Business owners do not have an infinite amount of money to spend on shop fitting and the quote received for this job should include every aspect thereof. If there are hidden costs or many extras, the business owner should probably consider getting more quotations.

A professional, all-inclusive quote would immediately draw attention and could make the decision so much easier in the end. If the shop fitters are open to discussing the quote with the business owner to explain each cost, it would further help them make up their minds.

Putting It Together

Shop fitting is not something that any construction company can tackle. The beautiful design and efficient flow are carefully considered to optimize each store’s features. Ultimately, the customers should be comfortable when spending time in the store, and all items should be easily accessible. Finding the right shop fitter would guarantee successful navigation throughout the store to maximize profits.

Joe B. Sherry
Joe B. Sherry is a 63-year-old structural metal fitter by trade that now shares this passion with his sons. His business, Power House Plus, focuses on finding the right shop fitting solutions for a wide variety of customers, and they have been doing so for the past 20 years. He spends time with his grandchildren in his spare time and keeps his garden beautifully manicured.