High quality industry filters and OEM filters

published Feb 23, 2022
1 min read

A company that recently has been getting a lot of attention and acknowledgement from ship operators all across the globe is Siguna Industri og Marine Aps. The Danish filtration company has due to their innovative OEM filters become a promising brand for manufacturers in the marine- and industrial sector. Siguna Industri og Marine Aps has designed a selection of high-quality industry filters, designed to protect and preserve your engine.

Industry filters designed to protect your engine

An industry filter from Siguna Industri og Marine Aps is not like other filters. The company’s industry filters have proven to perform up to 30 % better compared with other filters on the market, making the brand a good choice if you want the best industry filter for your engine. At sigunafilters.com you can see and read about the different industry filters the company offers. An industry filter from Siguna Industri og Marine Aps are made of only genuine parts and produced within the EU. Due to a strict selection process the company only works with some of the best and biggest manufacturers in europe. This ensures that Siguna Industri og Marine Aps always deliver a faultless product in premium quality.

OEM filters in premium quality

Siguna Industri og Marine Aps is a manufacturer of high-quality OEM filters, made to protect and prolong the life of your engine. Siguna Industri og Marine Aps specializes in filtration products and have more than 30 years of experience in the filter industry. Siguna Industri og Marine Aps is located in Denmark. A country known for developing products where smart design, technology and high-quality fuse together. This is also the case for the OEM filters you find at sigunafilters.dk. With smart technology and expert knowledge, the company has been able to produce a range of OEM filters with superior performance. At sigunafilters.com you can read about the different OEM filters they offer and which engine types they are compatible with.