Why Now is the Best Time to Advertise Through Digital Out-of-Home

published Feb 23, 2022
1 min read

Events over the past couple of years have caused a lot of difficulty for advertisers and marketers. Although things are starting to improve, the way customers do business has changed and so advertising must adapt as well. New ideas and ways of getting customers’ attention are key. Let’s look at why now is the best time to advertise through digital out-of-home.

Learning and Adapting to New Customer Behaviour

Customers have changed how they purchase products and services over the past few years. However, the pandemic increased some areas such as online shopping, and many have not returned to high street purchases.

This situation has caused digital out-of-home (DOOH) to become more flexible and adapt to what customers and marketers want.

New and emerging brands can use initiatives such as Clear Start to help get them in front of customers.

DOOH Can be Adapted to Specific Criteria

Advertising online is always competitive, and this can make it hard to target the audience you want.

DOOH can be used in an effective way by selecting certain areas outside that you want to target. This could be a venue, event, or shopping centre.

Digital DOOH can also use triggers to show certain ads when the criteria are met. If there is an event nearby, marketers can use a trigger to show certain ads when the event is running.

Added Flexibility to DOOH Campaigns

One of the issues with traditional advertising is what happens when something changes? Last-minute alterations or adaptations can be hard to do if you have a static advertising strategy.

While no-one wants to have another year of uncertainty and restrictions, problems arise that sometimes mean ad campaigns must adapt.

Digital DOOH advertising can be flexible and can change ads with short notice or even cancel them. This freedom to change gives marketers better value for money and allows them to get the best return on their advertising campaign.

Customers Don’t Mind DOOH Ads

With so much advertising online, customers can get frustrated with constant ad displays and pop-ups. The main reason for this is they are looking for entertainment or doing something productive, and they see the ads as an intrusion.

The same cannot be said about digital DOOH advertising. Consumers are not frustrated by outside ads as they are in an open environment that doesn’t intrude on their lives.

This is one of the main reasons DOOH advertising is going to continue to grow from 2.7 billion in 2020 to 3.8 billion in 2023 in the US.

Sales from DOOH ads are also high as they can be contextualised against the environment around them and show multiple ads in the same space in one day.

Final Thoughts

Getting ads in front of the right customers has always been the key goal of marketing teams. Now, more than ever, companies can target specific places and even a change in the weather to maximise their advertising impact. DOOH is a part of this strategy and will have an increasingly bigger part to play in the future.