How Much Will I Receive for My Slip and Fall Settlement?

published Apr 08, 2022
1 min read

Getting the compensation you deserve is always a daunting task, especially for a personal injury case. After an accident, most people think about how much they need to get in terms of compensation. The average settlement for slip and fall case ranges between $15,000 to $45,000. However, the melody may sound sweet, but the process is inevitable. People must understand that every case is unique. Depending on the severity of the accident, the medical conditions will be different, and so will be the lawsuit.

The compensation amount depends on how the incident occurred and the extent of the injuries among other factors. With many people thinking of how much they should be paid after tripping in public places, it is only cordial to develop a rough idea of how much you can expect after your injury accident. You need to know what to cover and the costs before deciding on any specific amount expected on your slip and fall settlement. Factors that determine compensation amount in a personal injury accident include:

Medical bills

When involved in a tripping accident, the initial step is to get a thorough medical checkup. It enables you to know how much the medical costs will be. It becomes easier to work your way around what you can expect regarding compensation with that in mind. Keep all the medical records and receipts as evidence to strengthen your claims in order to get fair compensation.

The extent of the Injury

After an accident, you can encounter minor or severe injuries. Your compensation will be calculated based on the level of injuries encountered. If you have encountered serious injuries, you may be liable for more compensation than when you have gone through a minor injury.

Amount of Wages Lost

A tripping accident is sufficient to change your entire life. After such a personal injury incident, you may not be able to continue with work and home duties as usual. If this happens, you can be repaid the cost of the damages. Depending on how much you have lost due to the accident, you can claim it all on your compensation.

Whether you are also liable for the incident

It is always daunting to decide on liability in a personal injury case. Whichever the case, it is critical to identify where the liability lies. Depending on the case, you also have to be investigated to ensure that you had zero involvement in causing the accident.

Selected Legal Representation

An attorney plays an integral role in how much you can get as compensation for injuries sustained. Depending on their level of experience and winning strategy, they can ensure you get fair compensation.


Many law firms tend to boast about a figure for compensation. Take your time to look for reliable and experienced attorneys that you can count on. There is no required figure regarding how much you will receive for damages sustained in your accident, but the pointers above will be used to calculate your compensation amount and will increase your chances of getting fair compensation.