Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels

published Aug 08, 2022
1 min read

As energy costs keep increasing, many people are considering using renewable energy sources, such as installing solar panels.

Different manufacturers make solar panels; thus, they are not the same. Likewise, they have different systems, so you need to know a reliable source and a reputable installer to ensure that your system matches your energy requirements.

Types of solar panels

You must know more about solar panels before you request a proposal from a solar panel provider. Most solar panels are fitted on the roof, and several types of materials are used for solar panels, such as monocrystalline, multi-crystalline, and hybrid thin film. However, solar slates and tiles may blend better if you replace your roof. You might also look into bifacial solar panels that generate electricity from both sides. If you need help or want to know more about solar panels, click here.

How many solar panels do you need?

The size of the system or the number of panels you need depends on the amount of electricity you want to generate. Likewise, it will depend on the available space on your roof. One thing to remember is that you cannot meet 100 per cent of your energy needs with solar panels. This is because you measure the solar panel system size in kilowatt peaks (kWp), the system’s maximum output. For most houses, the most common size of the system is around 3.6 to 4kWp.

Using a solar panel inverter

An inverter converts the direct current the panels produce into usable alternating current, which is what the solar panel system is all about. The cheapest and most common is the string inverter. The inverter separates or isolates the panels. Therefore, if one board fails or is shadowed by trees, the other panels will continue to work. Typically, the inverter is positioned in the loft, so the energy loss in the cables is minimal. However, since inverters are affected by heat, it is better to place them in your garage.

Is your roof ready for it?

It is vital to check if the condition of your roof can take the extra weight of the panels. Get a professional to assess the structural integrity of your roof. Or get the necessary repairs done before you buy the solar panels. It will be costlier if you have the panels installed now and need to remove them later to repair the roof.

Cost of solar panels

Early in 2022, a single solar panel costs between £350 and £500, according to the system’s type and size. So, for example, a 4kWp solar panel system, which will cover 29 square metres of your roof, will cost about £6,000.
Now that you know the things to consider, it is time to find a reputable solar panel installer. First, look for three or four local installers and request them to submit a quote. You will then have an idea of the current rate in your area for the type of system you want or need.