What Is The Use Of A Virtual Data Room In A Law Firm?

published Sep 08, 2022
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Most reputable law firms employed physical data rooms before technology took over our lives. Certain staff had access to these extremely secure rooms so they could access sensitive data.

However, even with the door sealed with extremely secure equipment, individuals who were involved in the legal practice often had lingering concerns that anything would go wrong. The company might suffer if this personal information got into the wrong hands.

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The Purpose of Virtual Data Rooms in Law Firms

1. VDRs Facilitate Remote Work for Employees

There have been more remote workers than ever before after the Covid-19 epidemic. There have even been many court proceedings performed online so that participants didn’t need to travel to the courthouse physically. Without current technology, it is difficult to envision how law firms would have conducted business during these historic times.

Users can access the storage space from the comfort of their homes thanks to VDR providers. You can collaborate and share the data as well as access private files and folders kept in these VDRs. Not every law company wants to provide every employee access to all the information.

The owner or manager of the business can set various authorization levels with every VDR provider. To strengthen security, they can easily add additional layers of protocols. For instance, certain files won’t be accessible to all employees.

2. Preserve Documents

Law firms often need to preserve records for decades. Many of these companies struggle with the issue that some of these files and folders sustain physical degradation over time. When keeping paper, many problems can occur. The list of signs of paper aging over time goes on and on. Some papers have a tendency to change hue.

This is yet another advantage of working with virtual data rooms like the one provided by Firmex rather than relying on a physical data room.

The integrity of the data kept in a VDR is guaranteed to you. Therefore, if an employee has to review research materials on a case from three decades ago, they should quickly have a perfect copy on their screen.

3.  VDR Can Save Time for The Law Firm

Many people working in the legal sector have gone through a massive amount of documentation daily. Even when working with small clients, there is often a mountain of paperwork to manage, therefore it is crucial to save this data appropriately and ensure everything is secure.

Most of this paperwork used to be tangible in the past, but that has changed significantly in recent years. Lawyers and the majority of those working for legal firms put in a lot of overtime.

Making sure they can access these documents anytime they want is crucial because it is not unusual to see a lawyer working from all hours of the day, even on Sunday. The time to visit the office and review files isn’t always available. Using a VDR can facilitate speedy decision-making and problem-solving for lawyers.


Many individuals working in the legal sector did not have access to a VDR before the pandemic. However, since the deadly illness spread over the world, more people than ever before have been obliged to work from home.