Your Step-By-Step Guide to Organising a Brilliant Office Christmas Celebration

published Oct 24, 2022
1 min read

Christmas is fast approaching, and many companies and workplaces are once again thinking of how they can make the yearly Christmas gathering extra special. There is also added significance to the event because we’re out of the throes of Corona, and we can party and celebrate like never before! (or at least like the previous two years never happened).

Now that protocols have relaxed and people have returned to the workplace, it’s the perfect time to enjoy and have fun with colleagues – and there’s no better way to do it than throwing an annual Christmas party.

So how do you throw a great one? Here’s your step-by-step guide to organising a brilliant office Christmas celebration.

Step 1: Figure out your budget

Of course, before you can begin organising the best Christmas party ever, it would be helpful to know how much you can afford.

First, how will you get the budget for it? If you have a big workplace, chances are, you will have the budget for it. But if your workplace is small, do you think the employees would consider chipping in?

When you have figured it out and have a good number that works for you, it’s time to segregate it and find out how much will go to the menu, the booze, the décor, and so on.

Step 2: Find the perfect location/venue

If you aren’t holding your office Christmas party in, well, the office, you have to find the perfect location for it. There are many places you can pick for your Christmas party.

Still, if you want something out of the ordinary, you can have your celebration at a pub, a restaurant, a bowling alley, or even hire a garden or park and have a Christmas party with a carnival theme (and it’s even easier to plan with help from https:/!

Step 3: Get some volunteers

Like any other office activity, it’s best to have a crew of volunteers. They can ease the burden of planning and may have ideas to make your Christmas party even better.

So make sure to recruit the best volunteers – people who are organised and detail-oriented, too. And it’s an excellent way to share the responsibility – you will feel less stressed, and you aren’t likely to forget an important detail.

Step 4: Select a theme

Why not select a theme if you want to make planning for your office Christmas party easier? A Winter Wonderland is popular for a reason, but you can combine it with a carnival theme and make it extra spectacular!

With a theme, your office celebration will feel much more festive, adding character and personality to your office party. Your employees can even dress up for the occasion in ugly jumpers or Christmas characters (Santa, his elves, reindeer, and the like), and you can hold a costume competition.

Step 5: Prepare the menu

The next step is uber-important – especially when it comes to the booze! You have a lot of holiday fare to choose from, and load up on snacks like crisps and dips or carrot and celery sticks.

For the beverages, it’s best to include a holiday drink or two, such as eggnog, mulled wine, and apple cider. You can even have a bar setup and have everyone mix up a unique concoction – and whoever creates the wackiest drink wins!