Top 5 Tips To Create a Job-Winning Financier Resume

published Nov 28, 2022
2 min read

Can you think of a cashless society? Not really! As long as money exists in the world, financiers would be required to handle money matters.

But don’t start thinking it’s easy to get a job as a financier. Financial workers ought to be dynamic because they are working in a complex market with ups and downs everyday. Financial institutions need the best people for the job. You may have the qualifications, but also need to showcase your skills through a finance resume. A well-written and structured resume shows that you’re a rare commodity and the company would be blessed to have you onboard.

You need a financier resume that would make Warren Buffett proud! Perhaps you need to skim through a classic finance resume example before getting started, but there is always the option of hiring someone to craft the perfect resume for you.

Nonetheless, we’re here to share the 5 tips to create a job-winning financier resume. It will help you kick-start things. Let’s get started!

Unraveling the 6 Tips to Create a Compelling Financier Resume

#1 Use a Proper Format For The Resume

Let’s get real: the hiring manager wants to see a structured resume. Make sure you check that the contact information is updated. Put your social media (LinkedIn) account and make sure the link is working.

Share your professional experience, but make sure it has dates of joining and leaving date. Ideally, financiers should opt for a chronological layout. It will showcase your financial skills and job experience in this specific field. That’s what the hiring manager wants to see!

Choosing the right kind of font is also needed. Make sure it’s easy to read and don’t go for italics. A financier resume needs to be very specific. All the hiring manager needs to see is your professional skills and experience.

#2 Write the Objective at the Beginning

Giving an introduction is crucial. The summary or career objective needs to be crisp and precise. It’s a very short paragraph that begins the finance resume and helps your hiring manager to understand that you are a unique candidate. Don’t forget to mention your experience, financial skills, and career accomplishments. Pick three to four good points and add them to the summary section.

#3 Make the Experience Section Crisp

Do you want the job of your dreams? As a financier, you would want to highlight the experience section with crisp details. Start from the current position and then go down the memory lane. Each of the job entries should be clear and precise. Write the title of the job, company name, employment date, accomplishments, role, etc. Make it really crisp and professional. Basically, you need to make a laundry list of duties at the current job.

#4 The Education Section Ought To Be The Silver Lining

Sure, you’ve got the skills and experience, but you need to highlight your education as well. Write your college and university name, location, the degree you received, years you studied, and so on. Were there any achievements during high school and university? If yes, highlight them really quickly in your financier resume.

Check out a finance resume example before writing your educational background and work experience. It’s time to beef up the resume with your educational qualifications, but don’t go overboard. It should come right above the work experience section.

#5 It’s Time To Highlight Your Financial Skills

Why should the financial company hire you? You need to give them a solid reason for hiring you.

Here are a few examples of interpersonal skills you should mention:

  • Cash handling
  • Credit management
  • Debt management
  • Due diligence
  • Time management skills
  • Financial analysis
  • Computer skills
  • Negotiating
  • Account reconciliation
  • Risk assessment
  • Conceptual skills
  • Microsoft office skills
  • Problem-solving skills

As a financier, you need to be focused on solutions, and not problems. You need to give assurance to the future company that you can handle any financial situation like a PRO. But don’t sound like a snob. You always have something to learn along the way.

Concluding Thoughts

With these five tips, we’re sure you are going to make a winning financier resume. Make sure everything is covered and the dates are proper. Don’t confuse the hiring manager with a poorly structured resume.