The True Advantages of Steel Windows You Should Know

published Dec 14, 2022
1 min read

All the elements you choose for your home play a vital role in making your home safe, comfortable, and attractive. Your home’s windows, in particular, are essential when promoting the safety and comfort of everyone within your abode. But it just so happens that there are several window materials for you to choose from – and the choice is not made easy because each one has its advantages and benefits.

But amongst the different materials in store today, steel is still a heavy favourite because it does not just contribute to a home’s security and safety – it is also quite attractive, especially with its narrow sightline! But what other advantages should you know about? Here are the true advantages of steel windows – security, maintenance, a long lifespan, and more.

The most important advantages

1. Strength and security

We have known it for generations – steel is one of the strongest materials. It has been used for centuries; everyone knows steel’s innate strength and durability. So it hardly goes without saying that amongst the many materials available – including aluminium, composite, uPVC, and timber – steel is the strongest – making it more secure.

2. A long lifespan

Steel is arguably the material with the longest lifespan when it comes to which window material can stand the test of time. Yes, it may cost significantly more than other materials, but it also lasts longer. Therefore, a steel window manufacturer such as Metwin (a Crittall window specialist, no less) can assure all its clients that their steel windows can last for a lifetime – in fact, it often lasts longer! The average steel window has a guarantee of at least 20 years, but, in most cases, it lasts longer than this, as you can see from the many period properties with steel windows still standing today.

3. Easy to maintain

Another advantage of steel windows worth remembering is that they are easy to maintain. A good wipe-down is all a steel window needs; you can easily do this with gentle soap and water. If you are situated near the sea, however, you may have to protect your windows with a special coat.

4. Excellent thermal efficiency

One other distinct advantage of steel windows comes from their excellent thermal efficiency. When you have steel windows on your property, the heat will not easily escape from your home. As any insulation expert will tell you, we lose most of the heat in our homes through our windows – but if your home has steel windows, your heating system won’t suffer from too much heat loss. In addition, your heating system would not have to work doubly hard – in other words; you can also reduce the cost of running your household through a decrease in your energy bills.

5. It is sustainable

Steel is also one of the most environmentally-friendly materials; it is completely sustainable and can even be recycled.

6. It is highly versatile

Yet another advantage brought by having steel windows is that they are highly versatile. You can have them made on a bespoke basis, which means you have more flexibility in their design and style. Furthermore, you can choose the sizing – so if you want big picture windows with no obstructions and a spectacular view, you can have it!