How Your Business Can Market To Existing Customers Outside Of The Web

published Feb 13, 2023
1 min read

Innovation is key in business, and trying something a bit new should never be shied away from. This is especially true when it comes to marketing, and, to be fair to most global businesses, a lot is being done to stay on top of trends and ensure new outlets are being capitalised on.

Just look at TikTok. How many business leaders have no idea what TikTok is – would never use TikTok in their daily lives – and yet own a business that is capitalising on the 1 billion active users every day?

Stepping out of that comfort zone is important when it comes to remaining on top of customer interests. But while apps like TikTok or other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are useful marketing tools, the online space is not the only place you should be marketing your business.


Innovation For B2B Companies

If you’re running a b2b company, for instance, then marketing is often done with the aim of both acquiring and retaining customers. After all, established b2b companies are generating 60% to 80% of their revenues from existing clients, which means a lot of effort has to go into building strong relationships that will encourage that percentage to remain loyal.

This is typically achieved through efficient loyalty programs, which will give those customers rewards depending on their own purchase rate – click here for more information on this. But marketing is also important to retain engagement and keep customers aware of your presence in the business space. In terms of innovation, then, engagement and relationships should be at the forefront of your mind.

Out Of The Web

When it comes to client engagement, the web obviously has its advantages. Social media, for instance, has been a game changer as a marketing channel, giving businesses a way to provide continuous, entertaining content that drives traffic and forges a solid reputation in a chosen field. But online engagement is always going to lack the human touch, and the human touch is important to maintain in business.

This is why events are still so popular when it comes to marketing communication. For businesses and customers, they offer that face-to-face interaction and enable you to get your message out to your customers – all of whom are in one space.

This offers businesses an effective way to build trust, stand out and form that emotional connection that is lacking online. Customers, for instance, will be far more likely to stick with your business if they have been invited to an event, met the faces behind the company and been able to communicate on their side.

Staying Close To Customers

Another out-of-web marketing scheme is direct mail, which actually increases response rates to the company by as much as 135%. This isn’t like emails, where a message can get lost amongst a mire of other messages. Instead, a physical letter that arrives on the desk has been said to be more personal and engaging by 70% of consumers, meaning it is a definite marketing route to look into and take advantage of.

Once again, the online world is perfect for marketing channels. But if you are a b2b company that is looking for new ways to retain customers, then out-of-web options still offer some of the best ways to form those connections and keep the customers close by.