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In the ever-increasing pace of the 21st century, with competition on the talent market increasing, it is essential for HR professionals to stay on the top of the latest developments and have lateral thinking. Capturing talent becomes a more transparent and brand-based process which directly affects company’s development and growth. With global trends influencing organizations, the next generation coming into the workplace and technology penetrating our life, it is crucial to be on the forefront to be among the best employers. How to differentiate yourself as an employer through developing an attractive Employee Value Proposition? How to promote company brand within the employed colleagues hence creating a higher rate for retention? How can HR add value when promoting the business culture internally and externally?  How to develop a strategy of Right Job for the Right Person at the Right Career Developmental Stage? What are the trends in digitalization that cannot be ignored for building a strong employer brand? At this event we will be discussing answers to these and related hot questions that various HR departments face across Europe.