5 Business Ideas You Can Work on in 2020

published Jan 08, 2020
2 min read

Business Ideas

You might have had an exhausting and fruitless past year, but that should not last long. Perhaps you were stuck in a bad relationship, a messy social life, or a flopped business. Whatever it is, you can grow out of these failures.

Look up, and you will find millions of suggestions on how to improve each segment of your life.

As per our niche, we chose to give you financial recommendations. The latest trends reveal that things are about to change in the business world.

Bernardo Martinez, U.S. managing director at Funding Circle, says that customers today have more choices than ever, and they are going to move to the entities with seamless service.

Besides, as digital elements crawl in and flexibility of the workforce increases, we will be jumping onto a new bandwagon pretty soon. Hence, to stay in the front rows of successful ventures, you must figure out the ideas that are going to work in the year 2020.

Of course, it will be risky, but there will be abundant rewards awaiting you if you play the right cards.

Here are five business ideas that you can leap on to make your upcoming year fulfilling and content:

Home Contractors

If you have a knack for architecture or you have worked with a construction company in the past, then you can start your construction business in 2020.

  • The growing population and changing trends indicate that the construction business will continue to grow.
  • The expansion of the virtual world means that you can offer your services to the people living far and wide.

Keep in mind; you cannot make progress unless you know how to utilise technology in this business. A study reveals that artificial intelligence (AI) could increase the construction industry’s profits by 71% by 2035.

Embrace the tech and get creative with it. A constant struggle in this line will help you to reach the desired mark of success.


Blogging is another digital wonder that often surprises us. All you need is a phone with a relatively moderate operating system, and you are good to go. There are many courses on blogging that will help you learn how you can grow your blog traffic.

  • Start writing about the latest trend in the genre that inspires you. Be it beauty, food, nature, education, or anything you love.
  • If you will follow the right track and gain a reasonable number of followers, brands will begin to approach you.

You can advertise their products and review them for prospects. In exchange, they pay bloggers a handsome amount.

More companies in 2020 will seek bloggers for their promotional activities. According to the findings by Hubspot, companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5 times more leads than those that publish four posts (or less).

So there is plenty of space in this field to grow. You can even set up your blogging agency where you can hire content creators and help your clients to fetch more customers.

Social Media Manager

Business tycoons, as well as the medium and small-sized businesses, realise the importance of staying in touch with their customers. And social media is making this easier for them.

As business owners are already wearing a lot of hats, they hire people to manage their social media accounts.

If you have knowledge about social media and know how to use all platforms, you can offer your services to the people out there. Help the businesses manage their social media accounts, and they will pay you for the work you do for them. Again, you can hire a team to work with you.

A study revealed that 2.82 billion people used social media in 2019. The number will continue to rise, and you can make the most out of this opportunity. Make a professional account on websites like LinkedIn and look for clients. You can expect growth if the clients leave a good word for you on your profile.

Automobile Dealer

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic fields present around us right now. Its new adoptions and constant growth indicate a bright future ahead.

According to a study by IBM, blockchain technology will prove to be a disruptive force in this industry by 2021. Given this number as well as the increasing interest of people in digital currency, we can safely state that there is broad scope in the field if you know how to exploit the latest tech. Online vehicle exchange platforms like Autocoincars will be gaining popularity.

The IBM study mentioned above also found that 54% of Auto Pioneers plan to implement their first commercial blockchain network in the next three years. Therefore, you can opt for a car rental service or online dealer for cars.

Using blockchain and digital tracking devices will enhance the efficiency of your business.


The field of photography has continued to witness a boost. There has been an influx of large numbers of people in this scenario.

Some people have this false assumption that having a camera is enough to become a photographer. But there are some intangible assets that one must-have — for instance, passion, flexibility, knowledge, and creative ideas.

Also, there are many areas in this field to take into practice. You can start:

  • A child photography business
  • Delve into fashion photography, or wildlife
  • Doing pet photography.

It can turn out to be a money-spinning business if you know your onions.

Parting Thoughts

There, you have it! Ideas for starting a business in 2020 are quite high in number.

You can explore various fields to figure out what works for you. Critically evaluate each field before you make the final decision to jump into it.

Along with these, many other business opportunities are standing there in 2020. You can research the ongoing trends and go for the affordable ones as well as those in line with your field.

Are you ready to delve into one of these fields? Or will you opt for something else? Let us know.