Energy-Efficient Lighting in Business: The Rise of Human-Centric Innovations

published Jul 07, 2020
2 min read

Energy Efficient Lighting for Companies

It is no secret that lighting is a crucial element of every good office or workspace. No matter how much effort you put into decorating your space, it’s not going to look great unless you use lighting cleverly. Using outdated lighting solutions causes unnecessary electricity waste and can have a negative effect on your workers’ focus, productivity, and even health. Having all of this in mind, it’s always a good idea to turn to some eco-friendly modern options. Here are some energy-efficient lighting ideas ready to illuminate the future with human-centric solutions.

Get More Natural Light

One of the best ways to make your space more eco-friendly is to get the most of the sun’s clean energy. There are many different ways you can maximise your use of natural light.

First of all, installing new windows is always an option. Even though installing new windows can be expensive, bear in mind that all the money you spend on this improvement will pay off by cutting your energy bills. Interior rooms without proper natural light access can benefit from roof domes and skylights.

All in all, natural light will not only make your offices greener, but it will improve your workers’ mood, productivity, focus, and health.

Use the Right LED Technology

Overhead lights are essential for businesses. You need them for everything from offices and warehouses to break rooms, meeting spaces and parking lots where lighting is crucial. While traditional light bulbs are something we’re all used to, they waste a lot of energy and money. Plus, traditional lighting choices can have a negative effect on employees due to their insufficient illumination.

Low levels of illumination mess with focus and productivity and can even cause eye strain and headaches. LED technology is a much better choice, especially for workspaces. Every manufacturing, retail or distribution company needs functional warehouse LED fixtures for safety, while also paying attention to energy saving and maintenance and installation costs.

If you want to provide your space with something efficient, green and practical, LED is your safest option.

Support the Human Circadian Rhythm

Workers who spend most of their day indoors can really benefit from lighting such as this. HCL or Human Centric Lighting uses smart systems to change the lighting of the room and adapt it to the time of the day, outdoor lighting and tasks at hand.

For instance, bursts of cool white light can increase concentration, while amber light can be less straining on the eyes in the evening. Just some of the benefits of such a system are higher motivation and productivity and an increase in wellbeing in all workers.

Consider Customisation

New lighting technology allows users to have complete control of their lighting. For instance, more and more corporate spaces are choosing lighting options that can be connected with other media sources. What this means is that you can get a lighting show that matches your lobby music or various visual presentations displayed in your space.

This technology allows designers to change the scene practically instantly and create custom looks for every client and every occasion. This tech is available for residential spaces as well, so you can adapt the look of your home depending on your mood or time of the day.

Go for Multiple Switches and Motion Sensors

Another great thing you can do in order to use less energy is to install multiple switches for areas with a selection of lighting options. This gives you more control and allows you to provide only certain parts of that area with illumination (office garage, parking lot, courtyard, entrance, rooftop…).

Another great way to reduce energy waste is to install lights with motion sensors in office areas that are not in constant use (meeting rooms, bathrooms, closets). Distracted employees often leave the lights on even overnight, so motion sensors can reduce waste and remove blame. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, using multiple switches and motion sensors will significantly reduce your bills and turn your office building greener.

Energy waste reduction will do wonders for the environment, improve the usability of your space and boost the image of your company. These lighting innovations will allow you to reduce the amount of energy you use on lighting and allow your employees to have a pleasant and productive workday every time.