The Benefits of Open Banking For Businesses

published Dec 09, 2021
1 min read

Open banking is on the rise and completely changing the way in which businesses handle their finances. Essentially, open banking is where financial companies allow access and control of financial accounts through third-party applications. Instead of banks with physical headquarters, these are usually tech companies that can provide an enhanced and personalised customer experience amongst many other benefits.

So, what are the benefits of open banking for businesses?

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Fast Innovations

First, open banking is not tied to traditional financial management methods, unlike high street banks. This is advantageous because it means that open banking can be innovative and adapt to digital changes much faster. In a time where so much of life and the way in which people and businesses use and manage money, it is vital that you are using a banking solution that is innovative.

Clearer Overview

For a business, having a clear overview of your finances is critical for success. This allows you to better understand where your money is going, which makes it easier to manage and helps you to find ways to reduce spending. With open banking solutions, you can get a clear overview of your finances all in one place and often benefit from analytics tools that can show you trends and help you to identify ways to improve your financial wellbeing.

Improved Access to Credit

Having access to credit is important for many businesses whether they are launching, going through a period of growth or going through a challenging period. With open banking, businesses can get improved access to credit through more accurate credit risk assessments and comparison tools. Additionally, you may be able to get better terms on a loan with open banking with all of your financial data in one place.

Efficient Way to Make & Receive Payments

Open banking can often improve a businesses ability to make and receive payments too. Debit and credit card transactions can take some time to go through, which can make it harder to manage your finances. Additionally, there are fees involved in these transactions that can impact your finances over the course of a year. An open banking platform allows you to quickly and easily make and receive payments while also bypassing the fees involved. This can make life much easier for your accounting team.

These are just a few of the main benefits of open banking for businesses but there are many more. Open banking is transforming the landscape and allowing businesses to improve the way in which their finances are managed with account aggregation so that everything is accessible all in one place. Much about life and business is changing and open banking is a great way for a company to modernize and could help you to improve your financial health in the short and long term.