Toolbox Essentials

published Dec 09, 2021
1 min read

Every home should come equipped with a set of quality tools, fit to tackle all of the jobs that might crop up. These can come in a whole range of shapes and sizes: from portable toolboxes to rolling cabinets. At a bare minimum, your toolbox should be sizeable enough to accommodate all of the essential tools that every toolbox needs. Let’s run through a few of those key tools.


In any given home, there will be hundreds of screws. They’re on the back of your electrical appliances; they’re hiding in your furniture; in many cases, they’re keeping the very fabric of your home together. A screwdriver is something that you’ll always need. Keep a selection to hand, in a range of sizes and sockets.

Spanners and Wrenches

Similarly, you’ll need to occasionally deal with hexagonal bolts and other such things. You’ll mostly be using a spanner when you come to deal with the plumbing, and your car. You have a choice here: between adjustable spanners, and an assortment of fixed ones. In practice, it’s best to go for both.

Tape Measure

Just about every job that involves the tools listed here will also involve taking a measurement of some kind. You’ll therefore want a reliable tape measure available – ideally one that can clip onto your belt!


Being able to drill a hole in something will allow you to do a whole range of things around the house. Whether you’re joining sections of wood, attaching curtain rails and radiators to the wall, or mixing plaster, a drill is a great tool to have.


A hammer is another essential tool to bring to bear on a problem. If you want to mount a picture, you can simply hammer in a nail. If you want to bring down a wall, then a sledgehammer is what you need. Make sure you’ve got at least one nail-removing hammer available.


You’d be surprised how puny the torch built into your phone really is, when the time comes for you to scramble around in a darkened shed, or in the attic. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a proper torch. One that straps to your head will allow you to work with both hands. If you can’t see what you’re doing, you’ll be unable to work safely and effectively.


An oscillating multi-tool is a tremendously versatile piece of equipment. It will vibrate back and forth very quickly, providing you with an easy means of cutting, sanding, grinding, and scraping. The key advantage here is speed and adaptability: a multi-tool can reach into awkward spots that a traditional saw can’t touch. Plus, it won’t cut your skin, but it will cut through wood and plasterboard.